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New bump-map or sketch based - emboss feature idea or bitmap driven

New bump-map or sketch based - emboss feature idea or bitmap driven

Hi I design many embossings and I think brilliant new feature can be "Bump-map emboss feature" which base on grey texture (same like for bump in rendering), will add physical surface mesh deformation.

It means if texture is black - the concave is "0" if it is white the deformation reach maximum pointed in the feature parameter.

This figure will express the idea in cross-section and below is referenced texture image:


of course it should work in UV directions, just like a bump

Good reference for this idea can be rib feature:


where in option user can set minimum side angle, radius value at beginning and at the top, so in this new feature Creo will calculate all - even if user prepare just white max deformation texture or parametric sketch can be source representing max deformation.

Example sketch:


Then result can be as follow:


will be great also to be able to add rounds at corners:


also be able to set the minimum width on the top:


next level will be if corner rounds will be no constant, but be result of side angle:


if it will work on non flat source surfaces like offset with draft it will be perfect!


at the end if we get this PTC can improve the feature to have ability to manage side angles for example referred to the original sketch datum plane, so in real embossings will not provide shape undercuts and will be able to no interfere with the mould when product release it

Pity, that competitors (cheap CAD) already has got something like this I dream - see this:

H have hope that with Creo 4.0 Sweep 3D and new Draft functionality we'll be close to my idea.

Currently we are using additional software Freeform to get proper result, but export from Creo and Import will destroy parametric geometry ;-(

Using this idea random surface like for example marble will be possible:


Do you imagine how hard it can be to get similar result using just Creo?


Great idea! Many of the bump maps you see online are not true bump maps. They are often photos of a texture, which is absolutely not the same thing.

I have had to create my own bump maps by creating a separate model of the texture and applying a gradient color to its profile and exporting an image.I have done this for coarse cloth, stitching in leather and carbon fiber.

Imagine if you could create a model of the texture and then click the "Create Texture" button. You would then pattern is similar to pattern fill. For example, if you wanted to create a carbon fiber look, you would create a 2x2 twill model (one set of the weave pattern). Patterning type is important, because you may have a honeycomb, square tile or even a random distribution of elements.


Random pattern - this is I'm dreaming of

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