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Opportunity to take over the customizations in a new version

Opportunity to take over the customizations in a new version

It would be a fine thing, that when a new version comes, you could just copy your personal customizations to the new location.

Now you have to set all the customizations manually, otherwise it happen the strangest errors.

Es wäre eine feine Sache, wenn man seine persönlichen Anpassungen einfach an die neue Position kopieren könnte, wenn eine neue Programmversion kommt.

Jetzt müssen alle Anpassungen erneut manuell eingestellt werden, sonst passieren die seltsamsten Fehler.


Yes, please add this capability. The option exists in Creo Elements Direct Drafting.




I also think this is something worth considering.  For example, I have over 150 files in 44 folders in my v17 Modeling user customization folder.  When I move to a new version soon, I'm likely to want a lot (but not all) of it to be able to come across to my new version.  The easy/dumb solution is simply to copy the entire folder into the new location.  But there are risks as well, as some standard GUI elements may have changed in the new version, and you may not want to mask or override things with some old user customization that you may not even remember you did.  And some things may simply not work properly with the new version.

What one might really like is a "Wizard" approach where the content of the user customization folder is examined and the user could be guided to copy over the "safe" files and be asked about other things.  But honestly, given the number of files and file types, the many subfolders and how code and settings and remembered default values are stored or embedded in so many ways, this could be a difficult task.  But currently users are left entirely "in the lurch" where PTC provides no help at all. This problem really could use a solution.


There is already a way to have new versions of Modeling read user saved customizations from a current folder or location. You need to set a environment variable to tell Modeling where to look for these files.


set SDUSERCUSTOMIZEDIR = path where files are located


There are also environment setting for Corporate and Site based customizations.


By creating a bat or cmd type file that is used to start modeling you can set these variables as needed before Modeling starts.


See the following article for extra information.







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