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Option to disable/turn off annotation leader snapping constraints

Option to disable/turn off annotation leader snapping constraints

CREO 4 added automatic snapping constraints on annotation leaders without any method to disable or turn off or disable the constraints.  I can be very infuriating when trying to organize notes and BOM balloons in a large drawing.


Something as simple as a right click to disable the constraint, similar to sketcher constraints, when moving the annotation would be much appreciated.  An option to turn off this function would also be nice.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

The issue was submitted 2 years ago, and PTC acknowledged it 1.5 years ago. Any news when this will be implemented?

23-Emerald II

The acknowledge status doesn't really mean anything. 

From, here are the status definitions:


Below is a list of status definitions you will find for PTC Community Ideas:


  • New Idea:  This idea is waiting for votes and community feedback.
  • Acknowledged:  PTC has received your idea and your peers seem to agree this would be a valuable enhancement.
  • Under Consideration:  This idea is still waiting for more votes, but this idea is under review by our Product Management team.
  • Implementation In Progress: This idea has made it on the product roadmap and will be in a future release.
  • Delivered: This idea is now implemented in our latest release of the product.
  • No Plans to Implement:  This enhancement request does not meet the product roadmap strategy. 
  • Archived:  This idea either did not get the necessary support of other community members in the idea submission time frame (varies by segment),  or was a “legacy idea” that was not included in the new 2019 Community Ideas Program.  Re-submission of ideas is an option for relevant product enhancement requests.
  • Alternate Solution:  There is a “Work Around” in place for this request.  Please contact your Account Manager for details.
  • Current Functionality:  This functionality is already in the product today.
  • Duplicate:  This idea has already been submitted.

Just curious, how many votes to be accepted for implementation?

I have had the same issue and cannot find a fix other than using the surface option when i need to show to an edge. Also agree that it has been very difficult to move a single balloon. Have to pick the balloon, them move the mouse, then pick to move. What is that all about? Not sure what is wrong with PTC not correcting these 2 issues. I work with many software guys and would think this would be a pretty easy change to roll out in a new version, starting wtih Creo 3 or 4 and implementing the fix forward. In most cases, it seems as though PTC does not care much about us existing users for the small things like this. They must feel they have bigger fires to fight when it is these little time consuming issues that frustrate us the most.

The work around that I prefer to use is to move the attachment far from the desired location or on a surface, place the balloon in the desired location, then return the attachment to the desired location.  Moving the attachment piont is not regulated by the automatic constraints.

Status changed to: Delivered

Hi All,

Here are some news on this product idea:

We have implemented a solution for this product idea and it will be coming with Creo 4.0 M130 and a few other streams of Creo.

Here are the details:

  •  We have introduced a new checkbox option for both MBD and drawing environments to allow you to turn on/off the snapping to guides of leader annotations (and balloons) that are being placed on an edge (normal/tangent snapping guides)
  • For MBD environment - The option could be found in the annotate tab-->annotation group 
  • For Drawing environment - The option could be found in the annotate tab-->annotation group and also for table tab-->Balloons group
  • Those that would like to have further control will be able to do so with the new option: "annotation_snap_to_guide_range" which could be set to a variety of values that will control the sensitivity of the snapping (essentially defining the threshold angle that will lead to snapping when you move the annotation) or turn the behavior to off by default.

Here is a snapshot:

Snap to guides.jpg


Hope no one has been holding their breath on this one.

Working with Release 5.0 version

And none of the above "options" are available.

23-Emerald II

Creo was released in Jun 27,2019. 

Creo 4 M130 was released May 4, 2020. 


Creo 4, 5 and 6 are all past there standard support date.


Creo 4 is an "enterprise" release and is supported and updated for much longer than Creo 5 and 6

Once Creo 7 was released which is the next "enterprise" release, creo 4 basically past its standard support date.

You will likely need to go to Creo 6 or 7 to get this functionalilty.


Hopefully it is in released April 2020.  4.0 M130 was released May 2020 with the fix.



22-Sapphire I

Good to see they FINALLY made a change to this.  This was really nothing more than a PITA, I never used it or wanted it, and ALWAYS wanted a way to turn it off, so, thanks for posting this.