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Possibility to change ribbon color in Creo 3.0

Possibility to change ribbon color in Creo 3.0

Now ribbon color in Creo 3.0 is white and very washy. In the end of the work day you feel that your eyes are absolutely tired and blinded. Creo 3.0 must to have possibility to change ribbon color. I think It is so easy to add in program, please give it to us!


This is a good idea! So good, in fact, that we have a project underway in Creo 4.0 to provide users with the ability to choose not only the color scheme of the graphics window, but also to choose from 3 different "skins" for the Creo UI. The general color palette will still be white/gray, but you will be able to choose either a light, medium or dark UI. The images below are what the color schemes look like right now - although we are still in development so they might change between now and when the product ships. I just wanted to provide a sample of what it will look like. Please add comments to let us know what you think.

Light Scheme (same as Creo 3.0)

Medium Scheme (the new default scheme)

Dark Scheme

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Raphael Nascimento‌,

I really like the dark scheme.  We are your classic CAD department where most of the guys work with the lights off (or as dark as they can make them.)  With that said, I think the bright white model tree area completely defeats the benefit of the dark scheme.


It's just not practical.  Guys aren't going to want part of the screen dark and one other part blindingly bright.  The model tree should be the same color as the ribbon area or maybe even the ribbon tabs.




Thanks for the feedback.

We're aware of the issue of Model Tree background and we're working on some things to make it darker. By the time the software ships this should hopefully be taken care of.


The faded, washed out appearance that many of the Creo Parametric 3 icons have is my biggest complaint with the software.  Creo Parametric 3 is a very powerful engineering tool.  However, the UI could definitely stand some improvement.


It is good that you think about to improve GUI. The mentioned medium scheme is really better than then current one in Creo 3.0.

Maybe, it could be good to use a little tint of blue or yellow instead of grey.


Yeah, it makes them look like most of them are grayed-out which signals the user that they are unavailable.

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I like the idea of being able to change the color of the ribbon area and agree with the comments about the model tree area. I would like to see some different colors available besides the different shades of gray; i.e. blue tones. I am sure that many also use Microsoft products so maybe look at the color schemes that they are using. By doing so, the consistency between colors from one application to another may not be as drastic on the eyes.


I also would like to see something done with the sheet tabs when in drawing mode. On large drawings, it is sometimes difficult to see what sheet you are on quickly and easily. If a "highlight" color could be added so that the current sheet "stands out", that would be great.


Just some thoughts from the peanut gallery.


Have a good one.

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