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Pro/TOOLKIT - Create function for Piping Info Export

Pro/TOOLKIT - Create function for Piping Info Export

Please create a function in Pro/TOOLKIT similar to ProOutputFileWrite, but for piping info (ProPipingOutputFileWrite?). The fuction should allow all "info types" (General, Length, BOM, Bend Machine, etc).


This function will be very helpful.

  • All relevant geometry information about the pipelines can be accessed by Pro/TOOLKIT functions (e.g. ProPsegmentCurvesGet())
  • The information from the report files can either be directly read or computed from the available information
    • Supravision (Output $$$) for example recomputes corner points to bend center points
  • The desired format can then be applied with regular C or C++ functionality
  • Although not recommended (see Cause field), it should be possible to trigger the UI function Piping Info for output
    • It requires implementing selection of the appropriate line in the model tree, when using Pipeline View

Possible strategy to output Piping Reports for Pipe Lines by Pro/TOOLKIT:

  1. Start with the name of the pipeline to output the report for (e.g. gathered within a visit function in the application or from a selection)
  2. Use ProMacroLoad() function to select Piping Info and in Report Pipeline select the desired piping report type
  3. In the macro further use the Find Tool to select the pipeline, e.g. by feature number or name

Additional tasks required, when a Pipe Segment reference is needed:

  1. Ensure to have Pipeline View activated in the model tree (e.g. by another use of the ProMacroLoad() function)
  2. Output the model tree by Settings > Save Model Tree (also by macro) - make sure to output the columns needed to identify pipeline
  3. Evaluate the model tree info file treetool.txt to find the corresponding node number for the pipe segment (see below)
  4. Generate and run a macro to output the report with the selection of the segment (using the node number in the model tree)

Hi Nikhil,

Yes we have temporarily used ProPsegmentCurvesGet for our automation needs.  It was much more tedious having to code the exports ourselves... which is why I think it would make sense that PTC simply expose access to the code that they have already created.

I try to avoid using ProMacroLoad for several reasons... The first is that it only executes the commands once ownership is returned back to Creo (meaning, you cannot run a macro and then perform other operations). The second is that PTC themselves have made comments that mapkeys are not sustainable across versions of Creo. From the Pro/TOOLKIT support manual:

Creating or editing the macro string manually is not supported, as mapkeys are not a supported scripting language. The syntax is not defined for users and may not remain constant across different datecodes of Creo Parametric.

Similarly, that's why I typically look for native Pro/TOOLKIT support.

All that being said, thanks for offering the ideas for work arounds!


Dear James,

I am agree with you.

I am just given you work around of your requierments.

Ya,It is requiered....

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