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Properly represent ASME Detail View note...

Properly represent ASME Detail View note...

I was told by tech support that Ideas was where non-critical "bugs" belong unless you fall under uber-customer status.

I ran into this issue on Creo 2.0 M010. 

Detail view callouts have 2 space characters between the text and the variable.

Using the detail option "detail_circle_note_text" only fixes the "SEE DETAIL" part but not the note below the view itself.

I'm having to edit every detail view note to remove the spare space character.

Section view callouts have the same problem and also needs to be fixed.


Apparently there was a different bug in Creo 1.0 with regard to updating the note incorrectly.  I wonder if this problem was introduced with the fix.  If your version only provides a single space, as per normal, please post your version for reference.

Regardless, I am requesting this be resolved so I don't need to remember editing every single detail view and section view note I have made to remove the extra (and superfluous) space character.  This is "software quality fit and finish" request.

Here is the previous reference:

SPR Details - 2106572


PTC recommends using this tool to help diagnose issues being encountered while running PTC software or as a part in determining what value there is in updating to a particular Release or MOR.

Please note that SPR descriptions frequently do not detail enough information to determine a match with your software behavior. Simply stated, different SPRs can have similar symptoms. Conversely, an SPR can exhibit multiple symptoms that may or may not be captured in the description.

SPR information is offered for your limited review and within context. PTC Technical Support recommends weighing the above factors when reviewing the SPR information. In all cases where it applies, refer to the TAN associated with the SPR and contact Technical Support if you need further information.

Created Date15-Dec-2011
DescriptionDetail view note does not display properly in Creo parametric 1.0 M020 Drawings.


Affected Products

ProductCreo Parametric and Direct
Reported ReleaseCreo 1.0
Reported DatecodeM020
Affected PlatformAll
Resolved Release Creo 1.0Creo 2.0Creo 2.0Creo 3.0
Resolved Datecode M040M010N/AN/A


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