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A.part shares to A.1.part.

Thair can chang together.

I think that it has the UnShare can break their relation. when A.part is changed , B.part isn't changed.

Sometime I need their restore relation,like Reshare function,they can change together again.


Hello, I asked this function several years ago, R&D answered there is no warrant two objects all still identical.

I agree, but if in dialog user can select what is original part, and what are parts to be "re shared", these can be processed without any shape check.

Do you agree ? Can this be a suggestion for R&D ?


Hi, Giovanni

Thank you for your reply.

But I disagree with R&D.

Why do I wannt have a "reshared" ?

refer below situation

1.I don't know who unshared my part.And The model is saved.I wannt to recover them

2.I modify only one part.I will use to reshare.

  Sometimes I still change then together, I thought that it will select any one to become

  origin (changed part or original part) and it will recover them to share relation.

  They will change together.

My English is not good.

If you don't understand what I mean, you will tell me.

Thank you

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