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Refer to rpt.index in a note or symbol.

Refer to rpt.index in a note or symbol.

I'd like to be able to refer to the rpt.index value of a particular BOM item in a note.

I like to refer to item numbers in notes along with the actual instructions:

EX: Route tubing, Item 5, from manifold, Item 9, to fitting, Item 3.

If the index numbers are ever changed, I (or anyone working on the drawing) would need to know that these dumb references exist.

Currently, there isn't a way to do this in Creo 2.0.


Great idea and usefull also to link Windchill FIND NUMBER to rpt.index.

For me the idea is to have rpt.index exposed outside of the repeat zone table.


This seems like what should be basic funtionality.


Can  we put this somewahere we can vote and get PTC to implement this request?

23-Emerald II

The problem is that the rpt.index in the BOM is only available to the BOM.

The callout is not captured as part of the assembly structure since it could change and have multiple occurances for the same part.

The callout cannot be associated to the part since it could have different callouts depending on which assembly it is used in.


PTC would need to expose the rpt.index value to the drawing outside the BOM in order to use it for a note. Then you would need to identify the callout in your note with a reference like &fid.5:rpt.index. This would identify the part's unique index number in that assembly.

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