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Revolved "full" Cut or Extrusion instead of 360°

Revolved "full" Cut or Extrusion instead of 360°

While creating Revolved Cut or Extrusion using sketched section.

Feature is "full" when it cuts or extrudes 360°. This 360 ° dimension is rarely used in the drawing.

or annotated 3D-model. However it has an general tolerance.

Problem occurs when wanted to "display" 3D-model with  Least Material Condition (LMC)  

by using #DIM BOUND functionality. 

When LMC (Lower) values of features are applied  the revolved feature is no longer "full" but it leaves

an small wall/gap, defined by general tolerance. Gap / wall then potentially causes following feature(s)

to fail.

My proposal is: If we could have an Revolved Cut or Extrusion with an Tick box specifying:  if the feature is Full.

No tolerance applied to full / 360°. 360° dimension could be blanked (removed) as well, as  it is not really needed.

Instead of Tick Box, option could be used for providing same functionality.

There are alternative ways of 3D modeling but I do not see them as workaround for this kind of generic


This missing functionality is "blocker" against Model Based Enterprise and its

Digital Product Definition of the 3D model as introduced in ASME Y14.41


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