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Rulecheck ideas!

Rulecheck ideas!

I think it is time for RuleCheck to get upgraded. Here are some simple ideas that would be great!


  1. Allow for names longer than 19 characters
  2. Allow for more robust naming conventions (ie with spaces)
  3. Allow for custom groups
  4. Allow for soft and hard types to be expanded by default automatically
  5. Allow for additional custom attributes (like 'date added' instead of version)
  6. Allow for hard rules to be reset based on certain conditions (revised models, new versions of the that specific rule)
  7. Allow for rules to be based on WindChill life-cycle
  8. Create a GUI interface within Creo to easily create rules; especially if we want to have some fancy tables, links, embedded content, etc.
  9. Allow for a conditions file that can run certain rules based on conditions (like modelcheck)
  10. Allow for conditions to add rule files together (to avoid duplicating a lot of rules for the slight variations between scenarios). For instance, we may have 5 basic rules for sheetmetal. Then we may have 2 different rules for each of 10 different setups. Instead of having one rule file with 2*10+5 rules; where most of them don't apply, we would like to have it load the basic rule file and the specific use-case rule file when needed (like modelcheck).


All, feel free to comment below on ideas you would like to see in rulecheck.



We don't use  it but the way I understand RuleCHECK is that it presents the desired design guidelines/rules to user and users have to say they followed the guidelines/rules? Basically, a way to train users on your company guidelines from within Creo/ModelCheck? Pretty much completely based on honesty.


It looks like RuleCheck can be configured to run within ModelCheck without having users having to run both separately.


I would also add:

  • Improved help documentation including a picture about how the example looks to the end user. And how to format options like tables to users.
  • Ability to link to provide URLs so additional information can be provide through SharePoint or some other website. Some URLs can be quite long... especially SharePoint URLs.
  • Metrics/tracking - ability to get metrics out which hard RuleChecks people complete or override. Maybe even an option for users to provide feedback about the RuleChecks used.
  • Option to reset hard rules upon save as/copy.
  • Not having to use the RC_MODEL_TYPE parameter. Companies may already have similar parameters, want to base it on the assigned material, or some other condition. Already exists using RC_PARAMETER_NAME in constant file but should be clearer in the Help Documentation.

Here's an example of how RuleCheck looks for users:



I like your thoughts. Thank you! BTW, you can specify a custom parameter to use for rulecheck. You need to use the RC_PARAMETER_NAME in the modelcheck constant file to specify the custom name. See

Status changed to: Acknowledged

I had an interesting request come in... Sometimes designers/engineers forget to do a where used search in Windchill when modifying Creo object(s) so they forget to update related assemblies/drawings. They were wanting something to remind this to do this when modifying models - ideally with something that listed the related where files. For Creo Family Tables, they also asked for a way to aggregate where used for all instances from Windchill as clicking through every instance in Windchill which takes a long time. Is this something that RuleCheck would be a good use for? Not sure if it's possible to show a 'Rule' for all types the regardless of the RC_MODEL_TYPE parameter. Or some other/new ModelCheck? Thoughts?