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Save a Copy rename capability for Family Table Instances

Save a Copy rename capability for Family Table Instances

When saving a copy of Creo models it would be good if there was an option to rename family table instances at the same time. Presently complex workarounds are required when saving a copy of assemblies that contain parts and sub-assemblies with family tables. In the case of assemblies, any lower level family tables are removed in the new files when saving a copy. In the case of saving a copy of parts (like sheetmetal parts) the family table is preserved, however there is no opportunity to rename the instances. In the case of drawings which are automatically copied either the model it refers to will not exist or the drawing will refer to the original model name.

So this idea really consists of two parts:

  1. Avoid stripping of sub-assembly or part family tables
  2. Allow user the option to change the name of the family table members in the Save a Copy dialog box.

Keep in mind there are multiple environments in which PTC enables the ability to copy assemblies:

1) In Windchill information page

2) In Windchill server side Workspace

3) in Windchill client embedded Workspace

4) In Creo Parametric/Pro-E session connected to Workspace

5) In Croe Parametric/Pro-E session not connected to Workspace (Stand-Alone)

The only envirornment I've experienced a conversion of family tables to a stand-alone objects is in the last scenario outside Windchill.  And BTW, there are occasions when it is nice to do this conversion. 

Sorry to vote this down, but I'd prefer PTC focus on performance/stability with family tables in a Windchill environment. Renaming family tables instances in Creo is a very bad practice if your company is sending the data to another customer in a Windchill environment.


I support option 2. This isn't during a "rename" operation, it is during a "Save a Copy" operation. I've had to re-create complicated drawings because the sheetmetal flat state didn't re-copy properly.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Under Consideration

We are considering this idea in the new Family Table research project