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Save us Assembly and Parts with drawings, with instances and their drawings renamed

Save us Assembly and Parts with drawings, with instances and their drawings renamed

1. Describe your environment: What is your industry? What is your role in your organization? Describe your stakeholders.
Our Industry is the manufacturer of machinery for complete bottling solutions like water bottle blowing machine, filling machine, labelling machine and shrink wrapping machine.

2. What version of Creo Parametric are you currently running?
Creo Parametric 9.0

3. Describe the problem you are trying to solve. Please include detailed documentation such as screenshots, images or video.
While saving a large assembly to another directory for designing a new variant of that machine, the assemblies and parts will be saved with the rename that we give. But the instances of the parts and their drawings are not created and  saved. This takes lots of time wasting to create the instances again with rename and to do drafting again. 

The common solution given currently is to backup it and rename it. How is it possible for thousands of components in a machine?

Another one solution is to save as individual parts. This is also time consuming and assembly fails, references fails and to reconstruct it.

The final solution given is to rename and copy it. We have to open thousands of drawings in one session opening every single drawing one by one. There is also a limit to open number of drawings in a session. Even though there is no limit, it is very time consuming.

4. What is the solution or idea suggested?
We are asking to combine two solutions into one.
1) Save as Option will work fine for assembly and parts by renaming them with drawings and saving them.

2) If we save as only one number of part the instances and drawing file is saved.

What we are suggesting is to combine these to and while saving the assembly and parts, let they be saved 1) with rename,

2) with drawings and

3) with instances in the family table and also with their associated drawing files.

This will save lot of time for many industries while they are planning to design a new machine variant in the same category and  want the name to different and the component is same shape except their size and simple modifications in some part as it is absolute necessary.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you, @DunamisMachines, for your idea. Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.

One more thing: you skipped the question about the business value of you idea. I recommend you add a few remarks on the topic. Here is an example of a user who documented that aspect in some detail: Enhanced solid shrinkwrap or copy geom- only outer... - PTC Community


Tthee things would facilitate the drawing management in situations like this:


1) The possibility for a part or a drawing to embedded the 2D drawing in the model file (ASM or PRT). Like inseparable assemblies, but for drawings. It might not be manageable for complex and multi sheets drawings of complex assemblies, but would be manageable for simple assemblies or simple part drawings, so, PTC could leave the user the option to embed or make the drawing as an external file. Less drawing sto manage as independent and unlinked files, the better.


2) Add the possibility for enforcing a same file name for the drawings as the part of assembly that they relate to. For parts or simple assemblies where the user only needs (and only does) one drawing, this would also make management easier, since it would allow the software to find all possible drawings filenames that relate to a part or assembly, and when renaming the assembly or part, would automatically also rename the drawing.


3) In case of multiple drawings for complex parts or assemblies, whenever the user makes a new drawing for detailing the assembly or part, Creo should add the new drawing gilename to the part or assembly internal list of derived drawings, to make a two way one-to-many dependence relationship. The drawings already have this internal list of parts or assembliy models that they reference. So, if the parts and assemblies aldo start to manage the drawings that the user created to detail them, then thre is no need for the drawing to have the same filename as the ASM or PRT, and it alllows multiple drawings to be derived from those PRT or ASM files. The only problem is that whenever a drawing is renamed, the PRT or ASM file would need to be saved to update the inernal list od derived drawing files. In an environment where the users do not use PDM, there is no problem in saving the ASM or PRTs at will, wihthout the hassle of the checkin and checkout.


Point 1, 2 & 3 would also allow the easy implementation of another much requested feature, which is to open a drawing file from a model file (open PRT) or from an open assembly, and selecting any component in the model tree, right clicking and selecting "Open Drawing".. If the system knows there is only one DRW, open it, if there were several DRWs created referencing that component (PRT or ASM), then shouw the user a list of the drawing filenames (and possible a description or a image snapshot), and the user would quickly open any drawing without wasting too much time searching in the current folder.


Is there any solution for the problem?

23-Emerald IV

@DunamisMachines wrote:
Is there any solution for the problem?


23-Emerald II

It sounds like you are not taking advantage of libraries for common parts. Put your COTS hardware items into family tables and in a a library for common usage through all machines.