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Show parts in shared assemblies as being shared

Show parts in shared assemblies as being shared

If I share an assembly, the assembly is marked as being shared, but the parts in the assembly do not show as being shared.


This is inconsistent because I can do a search or filter for shared parts, and they are found. It is also confusing since it looks like there are no other parts loaded that will be changed, but that is not the case.

I understand that it is not a true shared part, but maybe there should be a different icon indicating that it is a "special" type of shared part. Maybe something like this:



I am sure that many users will find this useful, but be warned that this can cost a lot of

performance, because the internal representation of the structure tree is close to

what is currently shown in the structure browser:

In the given example, only the two assemblies are shared.

The internal datastructure knows that the "assembly contents" has two owning "instances"

and is therefore shared (and displayed as shared).

Imagine you have a big assembly with thousands of sub-assemblies and sub-parts,

and you share this big assembly .... this would result in everything be shown as shared, and

moreover, you would then like to have the "show shares" functionality on all the objects

that are shown as shared in the U/I but they are actually not shared internally.

I have my doubts if the "show everything as shared" will really be a improvement,

and considering the "cost" of it (performance), I voted against this product suggestion.

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I realize that what I am proposing may not be how the data is represented internally, but it is how mechanical engineers think (at least the ones that I work with). While performance may suffer some, as computers get faster and faster, I suspect that will be less and less of an issue.

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