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Sketcher dimensions that stay put!

Sketcher dimensions that stay put!

This seems to be an issue that is rampant in Pro E. When placing any dims in any sketch, and coming back to that sketch, the dims are not where you placed them.

As a side note, I also find that radius and angle dims will fly out in space with no hope of retrieval. I end up recreating the dimension.

Can we please have sticky sketcher dims?


I attempted to overwrite a radius dimension in drawing mode once, and it worked fine until I tried to repostion the dimension.  It shot so far away from my view that it was a waste of time to zoom out and pan to find it.  Instead, I deleted it and created a note

I'm not sure I can fully identify with this suggestion... but I have noticed that angular dims behave differently to linear dims when zooming, and can be difficult to get in view at times.

Perhaps the way that the position of angular dims (and possible radius / diameter dims) is recorded should be reviewed, so that they stay in the same position relative to the sketch extents, instead of whatever it is they do currently.

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Although this may seem like overkill, I would advocate for allowing the creation of snap lines in a sketch. If a designer wishes to go through the extra steps to create snap lines and assign dimensions to them, those dimensions should stick and transfer to the drawing.

Being able to create the dimensions and manipulate them into an attractive scheme would be far easier at the sketch level than in the context of a drawing where dimensions from multiple features must be considered.

At the very least, snap lines could be used in a sketch to control the notorious "fly away" angular or radial dimensions.

Thanks for the suggestion!



I tend to dimension my parts just as I would in the drawing: this is a SW habit. In SW, what you dimension on the part iswhat you see in the drawing. When I have to go back into the sketch and look for the dimension, whether it be linear, radial, diamtrical or angular, they are not where I have originally placed them.

It's like they forget where they live!


Great idea!


I likewise try to create all my drawing dimensions as driving dimensions in the sketch, although I don't worry about their exact layout until I get to the drawing.

I'm just saying that I haven't noticed a problem with linear dimensions repositioning themselves within the sketch... Of course, it may be happening and I'm just not noticing!

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It's mostly just the errant angular dimensions that seem to fly away for me... but occasionally a regular old linear dimension will scoot around. I suppose it would be annoying if I haven't been using it that way for over 20 years.

The only thing I would say as a word of caution... let's not borrow ALL of the featurss of SW. Creo and their suite of products is more powerful than SW by at least a factor of 5. SW does have a specific "style" and workflow that is easier for new users... but again, under the hood it loses its power. I'd rather deal with the occasional peripatetic dimension and know that when I really need something amazing, Creo delivers

Some people will definitely disagree with me on this.... which is perfectly fine. But for my money, I'd rather drive a Ferrari, not know what all the buttons do, and put up with an occasionalk temperamental hiccup than to drive a very nifty, very technologically sound Honda Prius with a pretty custom paint job, a good sound systen, and nice rims.

Of course it would still be nice if the dimensions behaved.


I don't feel this is "borrowing" from SW at all.

This is a fundamental user-friendly component that all other 3D programs I've used have already. I think it's a basic core component that Pro has overlooked.

Just explaining my habits and why they are so....and WYSIWYG has been around since the 90's

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It's my contention that Pro/E users EXPECT their dimensions to wander around. WYSIWYG is actually rather boring, just like the 90's!


That's: What you see may (or may not) be what you get so deal with it... by the way we hate SolidWorks.

If you can make a car comparison, then I can make a camera comparison.  If a photographer wants to have WYSIWYG with pictures, the photographer will have to purchase a unit with the more expensive SLR technology.  I'll go out on a limb and assume other technologies are similar, maybe satellites, eh?  Well, Creo is a high-end, expensive CAD package, so lets have items not move around until they are ordered to do so.


Not everyone here hates SW.

And it is my opinion that Pro could learn a good deal from SW in regards to being user-friendly, as SW could learn a good deal from Pro about powerful features.

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Creo should definitely work towards being able to match or surpass SW in sheet metal functionality. They have a really nice package for sheet metal.

Of course I was only teasing about 'hating' SolidWorks.


Its so obvious that dims should not fly off into space that it has no hope of being included as a PTC 'enhancement'


I think will be great if we can go further with this idea and have also ability to use snap lines in sketcher!

Then we'll save time and make an order only once on sketcher and just show it on drawing


I just wish they didn't stack on top of each other..  That they (Pro E) would be smart enough to not lay design elements (such as dimensions ) on top of each other, making it hard to read & pick out the one you want..


I have the same problem with the dimensions stacking on top of each other. This is really counterproductive when you have many dimensions to deal with.

Every time I make a change to a dimension it just places the dimensions back on top and I have to manually separate them so I can see them.

So how many votes does take to make PTC to make a change?????

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This product idea has a tremendous number of votes.  Could we please get an update from product management on the possibility of getting this added?  Thanks.


We had been working in Creo Parametric 6.0 to better preserve sketching dimensions in Creo 6.0 when working in Sketcher. This applies to actions such as zooming, dragging geometry, modifying dimensions, etc.


Does anyone have experiences with that refined behavior with Creo 6.0?  You might in particular look at angular dimension behavior.

It would be great to get feedback on that. Thanks...Martin