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Snap on what you see ! Please improve Creo4 new option “sketcher_snap_model_geometry”.

Snap on what you see ! Please improve Creo4 new option “sketcher_snap_model_geometry”.

When sketching in Creo4 Parametric, the default option "sketcher_snap_model_geometry  yes" needs to be improved.

The background geometry appears non-stop and conflicts with the visible geometry on which we would like to snap on. The environment doesn’t help to filter what is "snapable"or not.

You snap on invisible geometry or references.

Please improve “sketcher_snap_model_geometry” option !

Emerald II

Agreed!  This is driving our users batty.  We have disabled this option site wide for the time being.



I open a case asking for a “wysiwyso -> What you see is what you snap on” functionality.

The excellent support we have in Aix-en-Provence (France) opened the SPR 7234710 HIGH.

We got back an “Works to Specs” from PTC Dev. Man Mad


The support opened this article:



I totally agree this makes it very hard to snap to existing sketch entities. I miss an option to toggle between snapping -only- to existing entities in the sketch and snapping (also) to geometry in the background, e.g. by holding a modifier key (ALT, ... ) pressed.

The idea behind the way it works now in Creo 4.0 is good, but the implementation makes it really counterproductive and frustrating...


Here is how it works in Solidworks (2017)


That's also quite a useful way in Solidworks. I can imagine making a three-option toggle/setting for Creo:

1) snapping -only- to existing entities in the sketch,

2) snapping -only- to visible geometry/datums and entities in the sketch,

3) snapping to any geometry/datums, also in the background.

Most of the references I use in sketches are datums. I try to avoid referencing edges, radii and so on as much as possible and use skeleton (datum) references instead for maximum stability und understandability. Therefor I select (datum) references directly in 3D view and then reorient back to sketch view. I find it hard to select the correct reference from the 2D view without RMB clicking my way through or using the 'pick from list' option. Selecting in 3D to me is by far the most intuitive method and the least prone to errors. From that point of view it would be really great to also be able to toggle between:

a) snapping only to datums

b) snapping to any entity/geometry


Combining both systems, preferably with modifier keys, would give very good control over selection of references.
Do you think this makes sense or is it maybe to complicated for users to understand or maybe the implementation would cause problems with other functions?


An effective snap would be useful for sketching quickly and clinging on "obvious" and unambiguous references. Key combinations (again ...) should not impact these quick sketches.

The Alt key is already used to take references during sketching. I imagine that a more intuitive snap, without key combination would let the user naturally focus on the sketch.

Users are asked to prefer surface references perpendicular to the sketch to adjacent edges that are less sustainable.

With the snap option, when I draw a circle, moving slightly above an edge and its adjacent vertical surface, the references taken can vary from "point on entity" to "equal radius". We would systematically prefer the referral on vertical surfaces.

The information that should be given to the user is the type of reference taken. Constraints in different colors could be a useful complement to ensure sustainable references.

For exemple:

- Green constraint for coincidence on a surface

- Blue constraint for a coincidence on edge or vertex


I opened this idea because the option is unusable as developed ...


I like the idea with the colours. It would be another improvement to the selection process. Anything that makes selection more intuitive and understandable is good.

Although with Creo 4.0 -finally- some big steps have been made with regards to user-friendlyness, most of the annoyances I have with Creo are caused by bad user interface issues and unintuitive interaction with the program.

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The "snaps to everything" is bad enough even though the shift key turns that off but it's just backwards. The much better idea was to allow the user to use a key (hey, maybe the Alt key) when they WANTED to align. Equally bad is the vague icons -  seriously vague! Hey the sketched element is aligned with something  ... with what? The previous releases had smaller symbols that were actually much better in that they visually pointed to the feature they were referencing. Not just a big square icon obscuring the sketch and giving no hint as to what they were actually referencing.


I agree that it's very hard or sometimes not possible al all to see which elemens reference eachother for a constraint. The highligting/indication of the elements could be improved by improving the visual pointers as well as e.g. the colours and the symbols.



Creo7’s snapping settings work nicely.

By default, “Instant Snapping to Model Geometry” snaps to all geometry even hidden lines.

When unselecting the option, you still automatically snap to visible lines.

Good News !

Best regards


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Creo 7.0 improve that if you uncheck "instant snapping to model geometry",

Nicolas , merci bien for your video further below

here the link to the Creo 7.0 what's new: