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Spherically pattern - new pattern for Spherically shape

Spherically pattern - new pattern for Spherically shape

What do you think? It is good idea for new feature in Creo?

Here is some example:

Creating a pattern in sphere

GOLF - Gentleman Only, Ladies Forbidden?


I think a good idea would be to add the capability to apply a simple triangulation (facet) "feature" to any surface, quilt or solid.  Add the capability to Patterns to select "triangulation vertices or centers".

More often than not I am dividing surfaces and there is no clean tool to do this.  The patterning options are good in Creo but they are too "regular" for many cases.

Options for triangulation:

Basic triangulation based on:

min/max segment length

number of divisions

hex prominent  (*)

hex w/ centers (*)

pentagon (*)

pentagon w/ centers (*)

squares (*)

squares w/ centers (*)

on surface (default - creates lines - point to point, optionally creates splines along surface)

edge offset

normal to surface (default) intelligence would be captured part of the feature definition.

(*) for pattering purposes.  The triangulation would have solid highlight curves with dashed/hidden triangulation curves to show where patterning would place instances.


Thanks Antonius

Thanks for your comment



Actualy you can pattern on half sphere and then just mirror it to get golf ball. But fully spherical pattern would be a good thing.

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