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Support Unicode once for all to include Chinese, Russian, Japanese etc.

Support Unicode once for all to include Chinese, Russian, Japanese etc.

Dear Creo Team,


there are several fonts in Creo that are meant to support some specific languages characters set for example when using Russian, Chinese or Japanese characters.

That's great that you already accounted for the users outside of the US. But the world became bigger nowadays. And in parallel, we often deal with Greek letters in the names of our parts.

Looking a consumer devices, even iPhone now supports Unicode 8.0 which allows you to read Russian characters while typing Japanese ones and include a physics question with greek letters, without any problem.


So please standardize on Unicode in the next version of Creo. This would solve all those language specific workarounds because this can all be adapted to standard Unicode.

Yes, Unicode is a real Standard! By settling on this standard, the need for proprietary dealing with different languages vanishes.


We use a Creo line font for our drawings (.ndx, .fnt, .src) because

drawings get too big when using TrueType fonts — Administrator

Unicode would support special CAD symbols (GTOLs, …) but Creo line fonts are not Unicode-capable.

We could use Unicode support for parameters that are displayed in notes and tables on drawings and propagated (designated) to Windchill.

Let's assume:

  1. You create a CAD part with a designated parameter.
  2. You use this parameter in a note on the part drawing.
  3. You use this parameter in a repeat region (table) on an assembly drawing.
  4. Drawings are exported to PDF by default, as part of your processes.
  5. On checkin you create an owner link from the CAD part to the part in Windchill (WTPart).
  6. The parameter is displayed as an attribute in Windchill.
  7. Windchill is connected to an ERP system via XML.


Now you have a chain of Creo CAD part parameter to Windchill CAD part attribute and possibly to Windchill part attribute.

Rhetorical questions:

  1. What happens, when a user (with no Creo experience or access) enters a Unicode character in the attribute's value?
  2. What happens, when a user enters a text symbol (from the text symbol palette, or via Ctr+a, Ctrl+b) as the parameter value in Creo?

In case 1 it is highly likely that Creo cannot display the symbol and you get a drawing with a wrong symbol.

In case 2 you end up with control characters (Ctrl+a - 0x01, Ctrl+b - 0x02) in text strings (Windchill attribute values) that can lead to corrupted XML files infecting your data in the ERP system.


It is more fun to not support Unicode¡‽⸮



There are a couple things being conflated here.  Creo text fonts do support Unicode, for example, font_japanese employing sigma.src.  Unicode standardization happened in Wildfire 4.  If you are talking about the display of some text including Unicode characters in a particular font, as the comment above is appearing to do, we might need to specify which fonts/glyphs are being referred to.  I don't believe that even professional commercial fonts try to include 'all' characters defined in Unicode, as there are really a lot of them.

The original idea is more about supporting foreign-language Unicode characters in places where we have a concept of alphanumeric (sometimes including dashes/underscores/etc.) identifiers.

Community Manager
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