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Support for Australian Drawing Standard AS1100 - Structural Engineering Drawings - Section Views

Support for Australian Drawing Standard AS1100 - Structural Engineering Drawings - Section Views

AS1100 covers structural engineering drawings and this includes a section view arrow callout that uses the section number in the top of a balloon and the drawing sheet number in the lower half as shown in the figure below:

AS1100 - Structural Drawing Section.jpg

Currently the only way to achieve this in a drawing is via a combination of custom symbols and manual edits that are not parametric if views start getting moved between sheets.  It would great for companies who are using Creo who need to produce these types of drawings if support for this type of section view callout could be incorporated.


Wow - This is such a Great idea & would be so helpful with our business if this could be incorporated into a newer version of Creo.  It would save us alot of time & I am sure the technology & know-how is already existing.



This will be essential for anyone doing structural drawings with Creo, please add this soon!




Would be great to see this


There's a PTC Suggested Technique called "Using Location Callouts".  This capability might already exist.


This Suggested technique (Referring to Andrew's comment above) proves that Creo has the ability to show in a note, on which sheet the section or detail is located. This information is required as part of the section symbol.

However, the functionality of showing the section and detail arrows as prescribed in Australian Standards for structural drawings (see pics above) is not currently available or supported by PTC.

We are requesting that PTC give an option that complies with AS1100,

So please vote for this.

23-Emerald II

If the software is intended to do a  function, then all applicible standards should be incorporated into the system.

Since PTC markets their CAD software for structural design, the standrads need to be in the software to meet the requirements of every country. Most of theses standards are met by ISO or ASME standards, but where they don't, the sofftware needs to add the required standrds.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

This idea was raised in 2013, PTC have yet to address the support for AS1100. Another section issues is with the configuration of the cutline as shown below. The closed supported option would be to use cutting_line = std_eskd but that is not perfect and misses the dashed line.


Section issue.jpg

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