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Text Styles and Drawing Tables - Worth your vote!!!

Text Styles and Drawing Tables - Worth your vote!!!

Tables used at the drawing level, such as for title block info, general note organization, etc. should function in a similar manner to a word processor or spreadsheet.  This mean that if a defined text style is applied to the table as a whole, any text/cells/rows/columns that go into that table should assume the text style of the table.  After completing exhaustive testing in Creo 2.0, contacting my VAR, and researching the Creo community, I've come to the conclusion that I will have to make a custom mapkey to imitate this ubiquitous font functionality.  I was hoping that with the improved text editing in Creo 3.0, the table functions would be better as well, but they are not.  Here is my idea:

  1. If I assign a text style to a selected table, all cells assume that text style, and it sticks, regardless of cell content.  Currently, for this to happen, the cell needs a character of some type.  Which I might be able to live with, but I it's worthless as soon as I add a row/column, or delete cell contents.
  2. Any row or column that is added to a table will assume the table text style, if assigned.  Otherwise, default/active.  Currently, anything new added to a table is at the active text style.

This can be expanded, but at least include BASIC table text formatting that doesn't require the redundant task of changing text styles every time I add a row/column.  This isn't a new issue and frankly, I'm very surprised it hasn't been addressed.  I've found references/complaints in the Creo Community dating back to 2008.

I submit this request & its feedback constructively.  As a newer user, if I'm totally missing something, I hope someone will let me know.  I have researched Creo Help files, the Creo Community, general internet search, tech support at my VAR, and power users at my company.  I plan to be an active member of this community and hope that I am well received.  I look forward to all comments & votes!! 


I dont think you are missing anything, managing tables in Creo is just a mess.

Hopefully there will come a full overhaul of the entire Creo 2D environment.

As of now, its like working with software from the 70ies


I agree with both Dan and Hugo.  Come on PTC, drawings are not going away.  Please listen and overhaul the whole drawing package.  I hate say it but other flavors do the simple stuff much better.  I love the advanced capabilities of Creo but the simple stuff should be modern and just... simple.


I think default style assigned to the whole table should define each new entry, but we should have also abbility on demant to change individual cell atributes to the different like header etc.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

I'm quite confident in saying that the company I work for has lost millions of dollars simply due to the inadequacies of the Text editor in CREO. 

  1. Time spent hitting the space bar to align columns and re-align them every time you have to adjust anything
  2. time spent checking to make sure your numbering sequence makes sense or re- adjusting all the previous numbers when you change something/mess up.
  3. Time/money spent on drawing changes to fix typos that a spell checker could have caught

I think the ideal would be a Microsoft Word Style editor that works in established columns

Status changed to: Under Consideration

Any update to this almost 8 year-old idea? How long does it take to consider fixing broken basic functionality, is two years not long enough to commit to making a change? Tables are still abhorrent in 2022, in fact the 2D drawing side of things as a whole is pretty unfortunate to have to use. How can basic features like this take so long to implement? If anything, tables seem to be getting worse; after updating from creo 6 to creo 8 I can't even edit text in a table by double-clicking anymore. Sort your software out PTC. These core features may not lead to vast amounts of new license purchases, but it could change public opinion a great deal to improve the embarrassing lack of basic functionality you haven't touched in decades, maybe users could even start to enjoy the software, rather than barely tolerate it.

23-Emerald II

Someplace I heard this comment: "PTC is not interested in how engineers work. They are only interested in getting engineers to work the PTC way."