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Using Model Manager with Dual monitors

Using Model Manager with Dual monitors

I use a Laptop and an external Monitor (in the office).  When using modeling and model manager, i often move windows to the external monitor.  Unfortunately, when i restart my laptop without the external monitor (home/site), the Model Manager window(s) is no longer available as it is trying to dock to the now non-exisitant location on the external Monitor.

There is a semi-workaround regarding the MM window  - "Shift+RMC on the icon in the task bar -> Maximise" - will allow you to access the MM window, but unfortuanately this is not the case for the load window.


My product reqeust is for MM to identify when hardware is started on single or multiple windows and to always be visible regardles off how the application was shut down.


You can move the window with the keyboard.

The window must be actif, then ALT + spacebar, then push for english windows only a M (Move)

and then jou can move the window with the arrow keys.

For german a V (Verschieben)

For the load window i dont know


Hello Barry,

as far I can remember the last position of ModelManager ist stored in the wmproperties.lst


Friedhelm - that's a great workaround - much appreciated...

Thanks Tomasz - that's great.  I guess it's the line:-


In my case:-


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There was an engineer here today that had been complaining that ModelManager was not working when they tried to connect through our firewall. Sure enough, I watched him try it on his laptop and ModelManager hung as soon as he went to load a model. Then he brought his computer back to his desk and I was going to have him uninstall when I noticed that he had 2 monitors at his desk, and when he plugged in his laptop I saw a ModelManager load window on his second monitor. There was no indication when he was using just the single monitor that ModelManager was waiting for a response from a window that was not visible on his laptop. He had wasted hours of his time, my time, and a IT technician's time trying to diagnose a problem which didn't really exist-just something that we couldn't see.

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