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View frequency of mapkey usage in Creo Performance Advisor

View frequency of mapkey usage in Creo Performance Advisor

Over the last 20 years of Pro/ENGINEER and Creo Parametric use, we have accumulated around 100 to 150 "standard" mapkeys in our
Unfortunately, it is not really possible to track which of these mapkeys are actually used frequently and which are hardly ever used.
Therefore, it would be a great feature if the frequency of mapkey usage could be tracked in Creo Performance Advisor.
This would be a great way to determine which mapkeys have a raison d'être in the central and which ones could rather be cleaned out.


I would definitely like to understand mapkey usage through the Creo Performance Advisor like the above idea.


Here's a workaround in the mean time... you can add this CMD line text at the end of specific mapkeys to understand usage:


mapkey(continued) @SYSTEM\@echo off\n\
mapkey(continued) echo MAPKEYNAME,\%date\%,\%username\%>>"W:\\Test\
mapkey(continued) \\mapkey_usage.txt";


This open a CMD prompt in Creo with the following commands:

@echo off
echo MAPKEYNAME,%date%,%username%>>"W:\Test\mapkey_usage.txt"



  • Replace MAPKEYNAME with the name of your mapkey
  • Replace the example "W:\Test\mapkey_usage.txt" with a network drive that works for your company setup.
    • Users will need edit access to be able to write to the text file.
    • You may want to use a UNC path for the network drive to not have to not have to worry about users having the drive mapped
    • You can change the .TXT extension to .CSV if desired.
    • You need to add \ (escape key in mapkey code) to the file path or continue to the next mapkey line. Example: W:\\Test\\mapkey_usage.txt is actually W:\Test\mapkey_usage.txt
  • This does slow the mapkey down slightly and an empty CMD window does briefly flash. I only temporarily add this for something like considering a mapkey for removal.
  • Leave out username if you wish keep the usage info anonymous

Mapkeys lines have a max number of characters, so that's why in the example above the file path is separated into two lines.

!mapkey limit without continue
!mapkey limit with continue


1. What version of the software are you running?

We are currently working with Creo Parametric


2. What is the problem?

There is no way to measure how well mapkeys are accepted and used by users.


3. Are you using a workaround? If yes, please describe it.

With the "large" amount of users we have, there is currently no workaround acceptable to us.


4. What is the use case for your organization? Describe how your idea would work in context or how it would apply to a practical situation.

Over the last 20+ years of using Creo Parametric and Pro/ENGINEER, we have accumulated between 100 and 150 standard mapkeys in our
The tendency is to have more and more instead of fewer.
One hardly dares to delete mapkeys that one suspects are no longer used, because one does not know for sure.
It would be great if you could check in the Creo Performance Advisor which mapkeys have been used how often in the last 10 days, in the last month, in the last year, etc.
Then you could compare this information with and know which mapkeys could be cleaned up.


5. What impact does this problem currently have on your organization? (Number of users affected, hours of lost productivity, etc.)

The number of users affected in my company is about 300.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @DomenicLaritz! Thank you for bringing additional information for this idea posted in 2021. 

Based on the information you provided, we are acknowledging it as the Community management team. This is not a commitment from the Product team. Other users may comment and vote your idea up.