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Warning message for un saved work

Warning message for un saved work

Warning message for save, for example, "your model has not been saved for 20 minutes"


Yes, its very sad that PTC do not include any sort of autosave function on such a high end CAD package.  My TurboCAD for Mac that cost £60 (yes, that's about 1/100th of the cost of my Creo package) has a function to save backups at selectable time intervals.

For Creo, no such option. There are 4 options I know of.

1. Re-do you work whenever Creo has a "Fatal Error", swear a lot and swallow the time and money lost.

2. Cogras do a clever little plugin called SuperUtils, it has sophisticated options for lots more besides autosave, and you can choose what to autosave. Installation is not super simple, but then nothing for Creo is.  It costs about €200 for a locked license

3. For about $5 you can get an application called "AutoSaver 2" - buy it, (don't go for the free option which installs loads of other stuff you don't want), It just presses ctrl +S at whatever interval you want for whatever applications you want.  Easy to install, and at 1/20th cost of SuperUtils, it does the necessary for Creo very well. the site is at:

AutoSaver : Save The File You Are Working On Automatically - door2windows

4.Wait for PTC to build in autosave in Creo.  I've been waiting over 15 years so far, and must have lost weeks of work in crashes, its pretty poor that the most expensive piece of software I own can't autosave, but hey, PTC are experts on what customers need, so obviously I'm in a tiny minority.

Hope that helps someone with the same problem of crashy Creo.

23-Emerald II

The problems with an Autosave function when you have a large assembly open are:

1) The save will fail because you have Read-Only parts open in your session

2) The save will be triggerred at a time that you don't want it to, like in the middle of a demo to clients

3)The save function takes too long to complete and you lose your train of thought


Not a really big problem since:

1. I don't use read only parts, so I guess you would need to 'switch to manual' for those.

2. I can switch AutoSave off in a second, if I were showing to clients, what I can't do is redo half an hour of work in a second, I'd rather show a finished piece of work than a blank screen and a pile of excuses about Creo being unstable and sadly having not remembered to save.  I can change the save period from a few seconds to an hour depending what I want.

3. The save function takes a few seconds max unless you have a massive assembly open.

Wouldn't it be better to allow users to make up their own minds? Just about every other CAD package (and most others besides) have the function, only PTC seemingly think they know best and prescriptively give me no option to autosave.

If the software never crashed that would be perhaps acceptable, but it does, and more frequently than most.

All I'm asking for is the basic option.  You can decide to switch it OFF and I will definitely switch it ON, but we would each be able to make our own minds up whats best for our workflow / crashflow.

In the meantime my $5 AutoSaver purchase has already paid for itself several times over since the middle of the week (four Fatal errors in 3 days, would have lost about 1.5hrs work minimum), , my £3000 Creo maintenance bill from Tuesday, not so sure.


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