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Weel spin zoom direction

Weel spin zoom direction

Directioin of the mouse weel zooming in Creo (and other PTC products) is opposite to pretty much all the other programs: rotating the weel UP makes the image zoom down. Quite inconvenient when switching from Creo to some other program and back. It would be good to change the zoom direction, or provide such an option.


Hi Anatoliy - Can you clarify the version you are using and if you mean 2D Drafting or the 3D? 

Additionally, with regards to your comment "..pretty much all the other programs.."?  Can you clarify these programs as I use Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Elements\Direct, Creo Parametric etc... and 'most' behave as per Creo

I find that there are two methods to zooming with the mouse.

When you use the scroll wheel, and scroll (roll) the wheel away from you, the model moves away from you.  Scroll the wheel towards to you and the model will come towards you.

I have found this to be the same across my CAD apps (Solidworks, Inventor, SolidEdge, Elements\Direct, Creo Parametric)

Alternatively, you can use the scroll wheel as a button (pressed).  You may also have to use a CTRL or a SHIFT key at the same time, but as per the scroll wheel, i find that when you push the mouse away from you, the model moves away.  When you pull the mouse towards you, it comes towards you.  I also think that this is logical method.  The only CAD application i use that does not use this convention is Solidworks. 

However, that said, I am sure it wouldn't take much to make it a configurable switch for the users preference (i know it's available in the 2D Drafting.

Apologies if i have mis-understood your request.

Hello Barry,

You understood my request perfectly correct. And now I understand the logic behind setting the wheel spin zoom in such a reverse manner. I did not ever think of the image as moving  “to” and “from” me.

I am using 3D modeling, Creo Elements 18.1 now. As for examples of programs with an opposite wheel zoom direction – first of all, all the Microsoft Office programs (CTRL+wheel), then CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat, SolidWorks (as you somewhat contradictory mentioned yourself), …(to be continued).

Hi Anatoliy,

Thanks for the details. Just to clarify - i wasn't contradicting myself.  I was trying to clarify that Solidworks mixes the direction conventions, unlike other CAD apps I use.

With the scroll wheel 'rolled', all CAD apps I use behave the same.  With the Scroll wheel used as a button and 'Pressed' all CAD apps - except Solidworks - behave the same.

So (in my experience), Solidworks mixes the two directions when using the two 'middle mouse button' view options.  As I understand it, the defaults on my Solidworks install is as follows:

- Roll the wheel away and the model will 'move away' (in line with other CAD apps)

- Press and push the mouse away and the model will come towards you. (not in line with other CAD apps)

This is my default Solidworks setup.  I am pretty sure that the scroll can be reversed if required. Maybe your scroll wheel and mine are configured differently?

Apologies if my description were misleading.

To return to your initial query - I still think that it would be an easy switch to add - if it doesn't already exist - maybe someone from PTC can clarify this for us?

Topaz I
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