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Weld note options after Leader Orient (Tail)

Weld note options after Leader Orient (Tail)

Currently for my company, I cannot find a way to meet all use cases for how we utilize the notes after the Leader Orient or Tail as we call it, of the weld symbol if it is created through the Weld Application.

ScreenHunter_82 Jun. 06 08.49.jpg

Note that we have customized our symbol to remove the REFERENCE which comes OOTB and drives weld sequence numbers after the tail. We replaced it with 2X which is our most common use of the notes after the tail. Users can easily change it to 4X, 5X etc. to represent that number of similar welds. This works great for us in 90% of our use cases. The problem is when we have a use case that needs either 2 lines or 3 lines of notes after the tail. 

Example: I need this weld symbol to read as shown (Note that it was created as part of Weld Application tool):

ScreenHunter_83 Jun. 06 08.58.jpg

Redefine symbol as shown:

ScreenHunter_85 Jun. 06 09.02.jpg

Go back to symbol on drawing and there is no change.

ScreenHunter_86 Jun. 06 09.04.jpg

As I see it, these are my options with current functionality:

  • Create annotation symbol in drawing and hide (Did not hide in picture) Weld Application driven annotation
    • Pros: I get annotation I want on final drawing deliverable
    • Cons: Symbol is not parametric, symbol will not match symbol in assy and length_AS is not properly positioned for some reason when used in Annotation (That is probably fixable)

          ScreenHunter_87 Jun. 06 09.13.jpg

  • Further customize symbol to have 3 lines
    • Pros: Annotation is parametric
    • Cons: Users will have extra steps of blanking out the top and bottom lines for 90% of weld notes and when 2 lines are needed, note will not be centered on tail

          ScreenHunter_88 Jun. 06 09.17.jpg

What I propose is a text editor build in to the Weld Application feature that would allow user defined notes with different alligment options. Blue outline indicates selected option. I am sure there is a better way to do that but you get the point. We would always want the note centered but other companies may have different requirement. Recommend a config option to set desired default.


ScreenHunter_92 Jun. 06 10.12.jpg

This would allow user defined notes that reamin parametric and help to drive best modeling practices by making Weld Application more user friendly.

If you made it this far thank you for your attention and please vote for this Product Idea.


Jason Knighten

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