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When pro_note_dir is set "Note from file" should start there.

When pro_note_dir is set "Note from file" should start there.

Today when you use the "Note from file" the start directory is the wrokspace/work directory, instead of the directory set in the pro_note_dir.

To get the pro_note_dir you have to click on the "Note text Directory" folder under common folder to get to it.

99% of the time you whant a note from the directoy not a note saved only in the workspace.

Therfor the "Note from file" should start up in the pro_note_dir.


I spent quite a while trying to figure this out as I thought that's what this config setting did...

Combine this with an another idea for an additional external 'Note from File' command (not contained within the Format tab after creating a note) and it will go from being quite difficult to add standard notes to very easy.

The current process is

  1. Click 'Note'. from the Annotate Tab.
  2. Guess at the size of the standard note and Place the Note (no option to place from another corner like tables). See first image below.
  3. Click 'Note from File'.
  4. Even though the pro_note_dir has been set, it opens your Workspace. Most people get lost here as people almost NEVER have txt files in their workspace...Click on the vague 'Note Text Directory'.
  5. Double click the desired the standard note.
  6. Readjust as the standard note was likely put in the wrong spot.

Place Note.jpg

Proposed Optimized Method:

  1. Click the new external 'Note from File' from the Annotate Tab.
  2. The standard notes now appear with the corrected pro_note_dir listed in this product idea. Double click desired standard note.
  3. Just like Symbols, the note previews on the screen before placement. Place note correctly the first time.

Proposed Additional Placement Options to make Mapkeys work well with 'Note from File' placement:

  1. Click the new external 'Note from File' from the Annotate Tab.
  2. The standard notes now appear with the corrected pro_note_dir listed in this product idea. Double click desired standard note.
  3. Pick Absolute Coordinates
  4. Pick new additional option for Lower Right corner. See image below.
  5. Type coordinates in and hit enter. You can now place 'Note from Files' perfectly with Mapkeys as there's no good way to do today...

Note Placement Options.jpg

Side note: I use the current Note>Note from File command so please do not remove this functionality. I use this to make dynamic cell data become static text with mapkeys (or PTC could add a button to make data static...) or add standard notes to selected cells.

Status changed to: Acknowledged
Status changed to: Under Consideration

Hi all,

I think that we can take another look at this product idea.

I agree that it might be better that if a user have explicitly set the pro_note_dir to some folder, it should be the default location when using the "note from file" command (instead of working dir). this would save another click on "Note text Directory" folder and would make the process a little easier.


I would kindly ask that someone from this thread would file a customer case and mention that it was reviewed by PM - Michael Fridman

R&D would check the feasibility of doing this change. if no special hidden hurdles will be found along the investigation, this might get done.

This is not a promise, but we will give it a try 


Please reply to this thread once you logged in a case, so that I will get an email and will be able to track it


Thanks, Michael


Status changed to: Implementation In Progress

Hi all & @Brokholm  (product idea submitter)

We have investigated this product idea.

The request had a lot of sense and indeed made the process more streamline, hence we made the requested change:

In the case that a user have defined a path for "pro_note_dir" setting, the default location for "Note from file" command will be directly opened in that defined path of "pro_note_dir". there will be no need to click "Note text directory" to get to that folder.


This change is expected to be implemented with Creo and Creo


Best regards,

Michael Fridman

Creo Product Management 

Status changed to: Delivered

@Mfridman I am in a similar situation where users would like to bring in standard notes from a Library location, and I am having issues figuring this out.  I figured out how to pull this in from File, but am having issues. 


Searching around on the support site, I came across, this thread as well as  CS74249 regarding this issue, and it says that a fix was indeed delivered for Creo; however, I have gone through our, and set the pro_note_dir to a library location in our Windchill environment, same as what we do with Tables, Drawing Templates, Symbols, etc... and this does not seem to overwrite what is there for the Set Working Directory, nor am I allowed to change it to that location.  It seems to stay pointed to the C drive on my machine by default.  Just for the sake of trying it, I also set it to a local drive on my computer with the same result.


Is it confirmed resolved for Creo  If it is, we are not seeing that...


Hi @rsoukup ,

Yes the fix for this product idea, which is also represented in article CS74249 is indeed in Creo and it is working - I have verified it right now 

The new behavior is:

1. You set the 'pro_note_dir' config,pro option to some folder path

2. Once this config is set, you can place a note and pick "Note from file"



3. In the file open window, you will immediately see the content of the 'pro_note_dir' folder and will not need to click on the "Note Text Directory" link on the common folders in the left side of the window



I am not sure why this is not working on your end, however since you have mentioned a linked session, there is a possibility that it has to do with that.


Can you please report a customer case, mention this article & this implemented product idea (provide the links)?

Please try to record also a short video that shows what you are seeing. Once TS have this, R&D will be able to take a closer look and investigate what's going on in your case


Thanks, Michael