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Windchill functions in Creo ribbon

Windchill functions in Creo ribbon

New users are almost universally confused by connecting to Windchill and when they get disconnected from Windchill. Windchill should get a tab in the ribbon. The tab itself could indicate when it is connected or disconnected. That would make it a lot easier to see the Windchill status and also collect the Windchill functions in Creo for a better interface.

23-Emerald II

Don't forget to vote on your own idea Joe Morton


I find it completely useless for buttons on a ribbon for products I don't have.

This is a problem today and with this idea, the problem would become worse.

In order for this to get an up vote from me, it would require removal of all extensions/products buttons not available to me as a user.


With Creo 4 you can edit the default ribbon so in this case if this was implemented you could remove it.

21-Topaz I

It should be set up such that you could still connect the first time through File > Manage Session > Server management.  Only after that first connection is when the Windchill tab would show up.

Community Manager
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