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Wishes to Creo Elements Direct 3D Access

Wishes to Creo Elements Direct 3D Access

I'm user of Creo elements Direct 3D access.

I work in the management area and use this great software as a viewer for presentations and to the preparation of documentation (screenshots).

I do not use it to construct.

I'm fine with it until on 3 points which particularly bother me:

1. Edit the Colors

This is unfortunately not possible.

With the workaround of using the rendering engine this is possible, but very cumbersome and very limited.
I would like to adjust colors.

2. Set facet precision
According to how the creator of the model has set the accuracy of round components appear facet precision round or like a polygon.
Screenshots for documentations are ugly with low set of facet accuracy.
I would like to adjust the facet accuracy.

3. tree list edit
The tree list can be edited only very limited.
Only the loading of additional data and delete individual items is possible.
The nomenclature is often lost when importing from another CAD systems.
I would like to edit the labels and the structure list hierarchy.

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