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Yet another standard hole improvement

Yet another standard hole improvement

First of all, I urge everyone to vote up another product idea that nicely outlines several improvements that could be made to the standard hole tool:

Automatic recalculation of thread depth when changing hole depth

I submit two more improvement ideas:

1) The value for countersink diameter from the .HOL file should be the one initially applied to the shape of the hole.

2) For any particular .HOL table, there should be a way to specify what type of hole will be created "by default".

Further background:

This came up when I opened a case with PTC with regards to (IMHO peculiar) behavior of the standard hole tool.  I was trying to develop a custom hole table SHCS.HOL - for counterbored and countersunk thru clearance holes meant for socket head cap screws:

example - shcs hole.png

What currently happens (according to specifications!) is that the countersink diameter that one specifies in their custom .HOL file is overridden during the hole creation according to a relatively unknown formula:


So the value for the countersink diameter in the .HOL file is not used if the hole has a counterbore --> fix with idea #1 above.

Related to idea #2 above, the hole creation process takes more clicks than it should.  It would be nice if all the user had to do was select the type and size of the fastener.

Using my SHCS.HOL as an example, perhaps there could be a fourth table in the file that looks like this:


Based on this table, the system would automatically configure the standard hole tool options: turn off "Adds tapping", turn on "Create clearance hole" and turn on "Adds counterbore" and "Adds Countersink", and select the depth to be "Thru all".

23-Emerald IV

I wish you luck, but don't get your hopes up.  The hole functionality hasn't improved much in the last 10 - 12 years, especially as it relates to the .hol files.  In fact, there is still a "High" SPR open from 2004 dealing with notes not updating.

I created a product idea hoping to get some traction.  Still nothing.  Maybe you could vote that one up as well.


I already voted up on that idea.

On this note, I am rather disappointed that only 2 people (and I'm one of them!) want this fix.  Makes me think that in general the voting on product ideas is rather subdued - perhaps because any enthusiasm has been beat out of the community by the lack of response from PTC ...


While part of this was implemented CALLOUT_FORMAT in *.hol files

There still needs some clarification/improvement

I have the difficulty you pictorially describe above and am glad to know I can stop pulling my hair out!

One thing I am having trouble putting my head around - creation of holes for flat head cap screws (FHCS)

I thought that a countersink was used for that. The icons next to each other (csink, cbore) seem to depict that.  Instead, the nomenclature is getting mixed up.  chamfers are now countersinks only when putting in threads.  Clicking on the Shape Tab only compounds my dilemma.

Thanks, I feel better now...


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