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Did you mean: setting for default decimal places (mm vs in) setting for default decimal places (mm vs in)

We have users that deal with mm and in parts at the same time. Have an option to set both in the config file. Or have a user profile that let's user swap files on the fly.

mm - kg - s:

default_dec_places 3

linear_tol_0.0 0

linear_tol_0.00 3

linear_tol_0.000 5


default_dec_places 2

Topaz II

Lucas Hoogeveen

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Sapphire II

Use a mapkey to switch the settings. is only read by the software when Creo is started, so it doesn't know that you have switched units.

Using a mapkey, you can switch units and your settings with 2 or 3 keys.


You can create two ".pro" files call and will all the appropriate settings for start models, tolerances, formats, etc., and then create a one or two mapkeys to toggle/switch between the two configuration files.  Putting the mapkeys onto the quick access bar will help as well.


Dan N.



  This mapkey idea can be potentially very dangerous. The config option is global across all models being worked on in that session. We have some users who work in English and Metric at any given time. If they toggle the option to Metric, and then later in the day work on an English part, all of their newly created features will have the wrong tolerance on the dimension. We shouldn't be trusting the user to remember to use the mapkey each time he or she  switches between models in different units. These options should be unit specific, or even model specific.