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enable the "INSERT HERE"-Arrow inside Groups

enable the "INSERT HERE"-Arrow inside Groups

When it happens that inside a group a new entity (KE) has to be made or an error has occured, i have to drag all the stuff that comes after it out, under the group.

what makes this even more complicated is that it is impossible to put the "insert here" arrow between two disabled entities (KE).

also, no dragging is possible over or under disabled entities (KE).

many times i delete the Group to have an easy access to the problem or the place where i want to add a feature.

after solving the problem / creating the feature, i have to remake a group and then, if used in a family tree, it has to be put back inside there again..

please make this easier!


Fully agree - currently we must use many tricks to be able to create new feature where we want inside tree like Heiko described.

I also very often must:

1. Copy the name of group

2. Set insert here in correct place (within range or this group just ungrouped)

3. Add some features or repair what is needed

4. Group back again the range of features as it was initially before change decision appear

5. Rename the group back (generally using paste function)

this way is really time consuming for complex models with number of features more than 1K and block a bit copy/paste functionality...

Status changed to: Acknowledged

As of 7.0, or earlier, the insert can be placed within a group.  However, it still cannot be placed next to a suppressed feature.  I often make dummy coordinate systems and play a restructure game to get the insert where I want it or to reorder a feature to where I want it.


Currently insert bar can only be placed above a suppressed feature only if there is an active feature somewhere below it.


Currently dragging a feature below a suppressed feature is not allowed and dropping a feature above a suppressed feature places it below the suppressed feature/s.


Please allow us to insert within a patterned group to allow us to add additional features to a group that's being patterned.


Thank you for your Kudos and comments, but I really gave up on this years ago.
My "Solution" is NOT to make any groups.
There are many drawbacks, and while I am not totally in need of a group, I use it in familiy trees and to make the construction tree clearer.

The bad thing, when using a group in a family tree is, that if it was deleted, of course after fixing this and creating a new group, the group has to be included again in the family tree .
Because I do not make groups anymore, the family tree gets cluddered with many construction elements, that all could be in one group..