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explode state line - same display in shading mode

explode state line - same display in shading mode

If you create a shaded view with an explode state, you can see the line cross over the part.

Exemple Simple.jpg

It's not realist and not the same result that if you use a hidden style view or in 3D (assembly mode)

Eclaté simple dans Creo.jpg


I find this to be a huge oversight in the specification for explode extension lines.  I have developed a Pro|WorkAround^tm that works well, but it is a lot of extra work for something that should be a given.

1st, put all the extension lines on a layer.

2nd, create a shaded (not shaded with edges) view on your drawing.

...2a create a origin feature in the view.  A datum point is easier to manage.  You need this in case the extension lines creates a different view center origin.  Place the view at a simple to reproduce origin coordinates.

3rd, hide the layer on which the extension lines exist for that view only.

4th, create a no-hidden line view exactly the same as the shaded view.

...4a place the view according to the same origin as the shaded view and position the view origin in the same location.

You now have a shaded view without the extension lines and a no-hidden view that properly hides (HLR) the extension lines overlaying each other.




Thanks for the tips.

this is a workaround for full view but with a Visibility set on Partial View it 's difficult to have the same Spline Boundary like in this exemple.

A Native ans supported solution is my dream ...



Yep, fixing the problem would be terrific   Again, I don't know how this ever passed QC or how the performance specification was considered acceptable.

You can make the broken section using points as guides and get pretty close for matching.  Again, it is painful.  And if you look carefully (even the native single view version; shaded with edges), the alignment of the edges is not perfect to the shaded image... not even close, due to faceting of the shaded view.

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Yep, fixing the bug should be a priority, simply calling it unsupported is a poor excuse for bad code.

Your fix is very clever but doing the work twice seems expensive just to work around a code bug.

Maybe just export your model in exploded state and let SW handle it from there - Come on PTC don't make me go there!

Status changed to: Acknowledged

This is solved for at least from version

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From a quick check with a product manager, this appears not to be fixed yet.