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fix ordinate baseline missing reference and allow change reference

fix ordinate baseline missing reference and allow change reference

Please give us a simple way to fix and change the reference of a baseline of ordinate dimensions that fail.

I am running into this problem from time to time, and the process is really really time consuming. If there are easy dimensions, it just takes time, but if there are complicated conditions like tangency, this can be even more frustrating.

So of course I went to see what was out there regarding this topic.

As of TAN112745 we know that:



This issue will be resolved in a future release of Pro/ENGINEER.

But it popped up again in Creo 3 with CS195198:

Creo 3.0No Plans to Fix-

By seing CS69648 and CS206139 we learn that we should recreate the dimension completely.

As of CS106382 we are informed that this is: Not part of the Pro/Engineer functionality

In CS28790 we see a hint of a bit of light at the end of the tunnel:


    • As per Creo Elements/Pro current product specifications, it is not possible to Edit the Attachments of an Ordinate Base line dimension
    • Enhancement request 8030534 already reported.

But in CS202291 we learn that it is not at all possible to move the reference of the base line even if it has not failed.

So I am not the only one who stumbles across that topic.

So this Idea is about resolving the issue as promised in TAN112745, many thanks for listening 🙂 ?

23-Emerald IV

Totally agree.  Sometimes the simplest model change will make Creo think the ordinate reference has failed even though the feature is still there (axis of hole).  Not only can't you redefine it, Creo can't even tell you what is was originally supposed to be connected to!


An ordinate dim should operate the same as any other dim. Again, this should be a simple fix, and PTC doesn't do anything about it. HOURS can be lost on fixing ordinate dims of a complex drawing, and there is no reason for it.

The biggest problem with CREO is that PTC only seems to listen to the big money customers and most of them seem to be "legacy" users that are okay with the way it is and say, "it's been this way forever and been working just fine." If it wasn't for the money our company has already spent getting CREO and Windchill setup and running we would have jumped ship the first chance we had. We're now so invested that we can't afford to change, and that is what PTC is counting on.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Please fix this. It would save an enormous amount of time.


I use ordinate dimensions to populate tables with "CMM" inspection points (X, Y, Z values in tables) for profiled surfaces, which is not uncommon for complex parts with organic shapes. When the ordinate baseline dimension turns purple and I have to recreate and cannot reattach, I have to recreate dozens and dozens of dimensions at a time and enter each of them using the new &oadd... number that was assigned to each new dimension in each individual cell in the table.  This is a complete waste of time and is very time consuming.  Please fix.  I've been fighting this for years with no resolution.


Unable to edit the attachment of the baseline of an Ordinate dimension.

This option is very much required since if user wants to change the baseline origin, he cannot change instead he needs to create all

dimensions again.

23-Emerald II

It can sometimes take hours to fix a failed ordinate baseline...large assy...sometimes its a click and wait because it takes significant time to select.

This one, the last person who did it just left the ordinate zero as failed, you can see it is "darker" (purple prints thicker). I hoped they checked the other dimensions to see if they were all the same as original.