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(semi) intelligent BOM Balloon Placement

(semi) intelligent BOM Balloon Placement

Yet another extremely frustrating aspect of BOM Balloons. Is there anything good to be said about them?

The scenario is this:

I make some changes in my Assembly model. I open the GA drawing and a box appears telling me that a balloon quantity has changed from 8 to 28. When the drawing eventually appears on screen, one of the BOM balloons that was previously there has been removed and its quantity has been merged with that of another BOM balloon. Thus, the remaining BOM balloon quantity has, indeed, changed from 8 to 28. But I didn't ask it to, nor want it to. So, I have to split the BOM balloon quantity and place the 20 back where I wanted them (and where they were when I last opened the drawing).

Now, here's the idea:

Pro/E knows that, when I ask it to split the BOM balloon for part 123xyz, I am only permitted to attach the new BOM balloon to some other 123xyz part. Wouldn't it be a great idea if only the parts to which I could attach the balloon were to highlight when I move my mouse across the view?

Currently, every random edge, feature, part, assembly and view highlights as I frantically, repeatedly right-click in the vicinity of the (usually invisible) part I want to balloon up. What a pointless waste of time and effort.

I've never done battle in earnest with GA drawings in any other CAD package. But can they really be as bad as this one?

Please, please tell me that this is exactly the way it all works in Creo 2.0. But I won't hold my breath

Pro/Engineer: WF4, M220

Pro/Detail: From just after the stone age

I've never been a fan of draughting, even with a pencil, but, honestly, life is too short for Pro/Detail.


very good proposal just to higlight and use elements which are valid for the placement of the balloon leader!

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