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Creo 7.0/8.0+ Multibody Home: Start Here!


Creo 7.0/8.0+ Multibody Home: Start Here!

Creo 7.0/8.0+ Multibody Home: Start Here!


I'm creating this blog to be the central home page for anyone interested in trying out the new capabilities first introduced in Creo 7.0  that support multibody design.

Below will be links to other blog posts on specific detailed topics under the general heading of multibody. I'm interested in getting your feedback on all the new stuff, but I also want to try to do this in a somewhat organized fashion. So, you can think of this blog as the top node of a tree that will have a number of branches below it for the various multibody related topics.  

In parallel to the list of blog posts below, I also plan to maintain a Multibody Infos post that provides you with links to further information, documentation, presentations, and any other information bits and pieces around multibody design in Creo.
To get going effectively, I encourage you to first go through the What’s new material and tutorials that you find there, so that you have an overview and high level background on the use cases and capabilities. That will allow me then to go one level deeper and include some tips, tricks etc. in the blog posted here.

I hope to be able to post new information regularly and hope you tune in, find it beneficial and give feedback in return.   If you want to send me private messages, that’s fine, too. In particular if you have any suggestion on future blog post topics or questions, feel free to contact me at .



Blog posts:

  1.            Multibody – Intro, Model tree interaction and What’s that default body doing?
  2.            Multibody- Seven 90sec-Tipps & Tricks around Booleans & Split
  3.            Multibody - So many ways to trim a body
  4.            Multibody - Creo 7.0.1 Enhancements 
  5.            Multibody -  Windchill 12 & Creo 7.0.1
  6.            Multibody –How to display a body parameter in the model tree 
  7.            Multibody – How to display, use or call-out a body parameter – Part 1 
  8.            Multibody - How to display, use or call-out a body parameter – Part 2
  9.            Multibody - Body selection, Body object vs Surface referencing
  10.           Multibody - How to get rid of a body? -  Show/Hide vs Remove Body vs Delete Body
  11.           Multibody - How to save out a single body to .stl or step?
  12.          Multibody - How does this all work with reference parts for MoldDesign and  NC? 
  13.          Multibody - What are these Construction bodies? and all the details around them….
  14.         (planned) How to create a body intersection curve and what might it be good for?
  15.         Multibody - How do I >position< bodies? 
  16.         Multibody - A simple body-based motion envelope cutout example
  17.         Multibody - Clearance & Creepage Analysis
  18.        Multibody - Model Tree Auto-locate capability: Update – Creo 7.0 vs Creo 8.0 & Creo 9.0   
  19.  .....

And more to come…


Thank you for this. I tried to change the construction status by editing the body, rather than editing the External Copy Geom Feature. I've posted an image of the option below.






@VladimirN wrote:


what's the question/comment, Vladimir?




Vladimir is referring to Sam Worthington post. 




Can u shut off the multibody option in creo 7? if yes how?

23-Emerald I


Just don't use it. Create single body models like has been done in all prior versions of Pro/Engineer/Wildfire/Creo.


No you can not shut it off. You can hide bodies from the tree filter.


For anyone coming back to this there is a PTC article now that says this in a little more detail: 


Can u shut off the solid modeling option in creo 7? if yes, how?

Can u shut off the surface modeling option in Creo 7? if yes, how?
Can u shut off the thin surface modeling option in Creo 7? if yes, how?

A big thank you to those attending last week's CAD Conference presentations.

If you missed it and still want to learn more about  Multibody adoption, what to watch out for and some additional tipps&tricks, you can still watch the replays here: