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Add Color sets to the View Manager

Add Color sets to the View Manager

In Creo Parametric, Didn't you ever need the ability to create several different Views of a model with different color assigned to its components or surfaces?


For example:

Set1: All Nuts colored RED, All motors colored YELLOW, All Other Data colored GREY

Set2: All Pistons colored GreenAll Other Data colored GREY

Set3: Specific components/surfaces colored RED, All Other Data colored GREY



The designer can then scroll between the different sets.


This functionality is implemented in Creo View Standard in Snapshots (one can create different snapshots of a model - each with different color set).

Using Creo View is fantastic, but as a model is changed in Creo Parametric and exported as a new PVZ file - all preconfigured snapshots are deleted.


My suggestion is to add a new Tab in the View Manager named COLOR to define and set color sets.

It would also be nice to add it to the "All" tab (Combined States).


Best Regards all.

I previously opened a service call 14040220, and have been noted by PTC's staff that this functionality is not available. So I opened the above Idea to earn popularity - and hopefully it would be implemented by PTC.
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