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Add capability to generate pdf files from Creo View

Add capability to generate pdf files from Creo View

Currently, Creo view cannot create pdf files.  However, if that capability were added, it would close the loop for getting information from Windchill easily.


Please add the ability to generate pdf files from Creo View

24-Ruby II

Vote UP!


It would be very beneficial for our business if this functionality was added to CreoView lite!

Our current solution is to add a free PDF Printer application to the user's computer to allow printing to PDF files.  By adding this functionality, it would reduce this second software from having to be installed and the headaches it causes in managing the settings and configuration to obtain quality PDF files of drawings when each of the user's use it.  Time needed to create a PDF file of a drawing would be reduced!


Looks like it in the menu for MCAD in Creo View 3.1 F000.  Might be able to close this one?



That's good!  Though I'm curious why it's grayed out.

If this is indeed going to Creo View 3 functionality, then I'm fine with the product manager marking this as Current Functionality.

21-Topaz I

Actually, you can add it yourself...sort of.

Install PDF redirect (or similar).  Then you can print using that.

We only use the Lite version.

Status changed to: Acknowledged

why is it grayed out?





Would LOVE if you could print "compare reports" with a dynamic PDF. In other words, when you do a compare report, rather than just having the red and green jumbled mess, you make a PDF which has a button that lets you click between "new" "old" and "compare". This would make the comparison functionality consumable through a simple PDF rather than needing to open CREO view (which many cant do or dont know how to do). This would save our company so much time and money, it's not even funny