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Creo Illustrate smaller arrow head & snapping at the top

Creo Illustrate smaller arrow head & snapping at the top

In Creo Illustrate you can change the line thickness of the leader, but not the size of the arrow heads of the annotation.
Also the snapping seems does not seem to be at the top of the arrow, this causes the snap to miss it's target sometimes (see arrow pointing the pin of the piston).
These are snapshots from the latest Creo 5.1 F000.

So what would be good improvement:




  • ability to change size of arrowheads
  • Snapping of the arrow at the top of the arrow
    2019-01-22 14_50_39-Window.jpg

Still a valid improvement,  still an issue in 7.1:

- Arrows overshoot the part for small parts as the tip of the arrow is not on the attachment point for the callout on the part

- No settings for changing the size of the arrow

- Arrows deform (as they are 3D cones and the callouts can be placed at different depths)



Yeah, one would think the software is supposed to create a pleasing visual effect. Arrows can't be adjusted so in an assembly bigger than a toaster any fastener pales in comparison to the arrow which is supposed to point at it, not over it...

Status changed to: Acknowledged

Thank you for your feedback on callouts.

Would any of you be interested in participating in a feedback session about callouts in Creo Illustrate. We are planning a project to enhance the callout functionality in Creo Illustrate and would like to get your feedback on the most important issue as we may not be able to address all of them at once. This is not a commitment to add any specific feature, but an opportunity to influence how callouts work in Creo Illustrate.


Please direct message me if you would like to participate. 


Hi @JeffreyCoon ,
I'd be glad to assist in any improving Creo Illustrate;
Just send me a teams meeting invitation or so ,  but try to keep in account the timezone difference ( Brussels GMT +2).

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