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Drag Section Plane with Mouse & Keyboard in Creo View

Drag Section Plane with Mouse & Keyboard in Creo View

Somehow PTC managed to make it more difficult to drag a section plan in Creo View.


1. pull on the section plane outline to drag, and/or

2. Ctrl or Shift or Alt or any combination there of with a mouse button to drag section plane when zoomed in.


And add a dialog to specifically place the center of the plane/axes -and- specify its size based on that center.


This came up with one of our senior users today who used ProductView 9.1 a lot and misses the one click interactivity.

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I have the same difficulty with moving the cross section after zooming or panning..the dragger goes off screen. 😞  


I entered PTC Case C14606613 with a question regarding the ability to make the dragger always be visible.  The workaround provided was to show the 2D view and then use the bar as shown in first below.  What I'd like to see is that this bar be integrated into the view instead of a separate view.  Either way, I think we can all agree the process of moving the cross section plane needs to be made easier.  Having only the 3D dragger(which pops up after clicking on the outline) as the method to move the section is not working.  And turning on another view which takes up 1/2 the view space is not going to be the best solution either.  The image at bottom shows another method of using icons in the view...I also have the arrow which represents the ability to flip the plane.  The flip is currently hid in the RMB selection.  The icons would should up as soon as the cross-section plane is activated.



alternate method of moving cross section.jpgrequested method of moving cross section.jpg

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