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Improve ability to find unpublished components in Creo View

Improve ability to find unpublished components in Creo View

With Positioning Assemblies there is the ability to use the visualization of the lower level components within the assembly.

The problem is figuring out if everything is published for large assemblies.


If you open up your assembly and the top icon has the check and green dot in the model view, you know it's fully loaded and available.


However, if you get this icon, the assembly is not fully loaded.


Which is great, but this includes items which don't show by default:

Skeletons - These sometimes can be shown but are hidden by default. It still changes the icon to say not all items are shown.


Bulk Items -which can't be shown


Included items - which can't be shown


As well as actual items missing a published viewable, or are not pulling the file due to errors



It makes it really difficult to find what's missing and what's not shown.

Now we have implemented publish.positioningassembly.publishchildren which helps TREMENDOUSLY, but I still am unsure how deep this checks.

We also have an open ticket on files not showing properly which doesn't help.


I'm not sure what would be the best way to implement this.

Creo Parametric has some tree filters that help identify objects with certain failures, or it can be done with the find tool.


Hi Steven,

I'm tackling this in 3 ways.  The first 2 are done in the Creo View Client after using "expand" all to load the metadata without the models. And the third is a query report that I use to find cad objects checked in during a specified time frame that do not have representations. (I just uploaded the query report to the reporting site last week as PTC resolved an issue where my search was finding objects in user's workspaces)  Here is the link - Find Missing CAD Representations within a Specified Date Range

My steps in Creo View for the first two are as follows:

1) open large assembly and use expand all. (I do this with up to assemblies with 5 million branch links...takes about 10-12 minutes to load)

2) For missing reps, I use Bill of Material Report and find all objects that don't have a "source_file_name" value. (see second picture).  I then export this list to have them published.

3) For corruptly published objects, (top picture), I spent many hours developing the Search logic as shown below to find them.  On these cases, I have to republish the parent assembly as an ADMIN.  Notice how the display name in the model tree are in upper case and there is no version number...this is the key clue that the positioning assembly structure is corrupted.  Also note, we have a current case open for this, but in all honesty, I've opened about 5 cases associated to corrupt publishing and it is always related to family tables...I don't see an end in sight for corrupt publish, so I think a search in Creo View will need to be used.



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