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Remove sdcc containers in exported pvz

Remove sdcc containers in exported pvz

File Type Creo View MCAD (.pvz) cannot be saved without containers in Creo Elements/Direct Modeling

I tried to submit it as bug. Ptc created a SPR and after some months they closed it.

Contents of the SPR:

There is no possibility in Option to activate or deactivate the selection of containers.

And there is also no possibility to work with Remove in the Select List. Containers cannot be accessed via Select.

The mentioned SPR is an enhancement and this has also influenced the decision to close it.

It is true that other formats (e.g. IGES) has the possibility to control containers, but in CreoView this possibility was not implemented.

Please enter an enhancement request and the product management will then decide if this improvement will be considered in one of the next versions.

I'm opening the enhancement request.


When loaded via Model Manager, Containers can be disabled (=load as empty object without structure inside).

This is a possible workaround under the assumption that you are using Model Manager.

Without using Model Manager, you still have the following workaround:

- Delete all Containers

- Generate PVZ data

- UNDO in Modeling to get the Containers back-

Hope this helps.


I'm using PTC Windchill Pdmlink. Pvz files are created by PTC Creo View Adapter automatically.

I can't configure the behaviour. I'm sorry.


Thanks for the additional information.

Well, makes it a bit more difficult, but not impossible.

Modeling executes LISP, even when used with Pdmlink, so there is still some possibility

that you can customize the PVZ creation in Modeling.

However, I have no simple "cookbook" for this issue.

Perhaps some other user from the Community has additional hints.


Very important!

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We are archiving your idea as part of a general review. This action is based on the age of your idea and the total number of votes received, as per this announcement.

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Hi @ngiacom 

The PM just confirmed that your idea has been delivered in Creo View 8.1 back in Dec. 

Apologies for having archived it by mistake. 

Thanks again for your idea!