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5 axis machining & post processor.


5 axis machining & post processor.

Hi guys,

1. Can someone give me a description on how to go about a 5 axis
milling ? I've done alot of 3 axis with Pro/Man but 5 axis is new to me.If
you have some information on how I should go about doing that (online
resources, books etc), I would greatly appreciate it. Even a few lines in
reply to this email about the basics would be a good start for me.Can u
people out there send me some of your work of 5 axis machining done in
pro/nc. I'll reverse engineer that & it'd be of great help to me.

2. We have a DMU 60 5 axis machining center with heidenhain TNC
425 controller. The machine has a rotary table which is read by machine as
a C axis while a tilting head which is read as B axis. The tilting head
can tilt at 90 degree & becomes a horizontal machining centre. Actually
the B axis is not a straight one, but at an angle with the Y axis in
vertical plane so that when the head tilts about it, it ( the head) comes
to a hrizontal machining center position. I don't see such a machine with
these axis in the option file generator ( Applications > Post Processor
).If u need, I have an image illustrating this machine, & i can send it to
u guys. If somebody out there has post for this machine & willing to share
, i'd be really grateful to him/her.

Thanks in advance,

Frank Wilson,
Manufacturing Engineer.