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Assembly drawings of muliple variations


Assembly drawings of muliple variations


We have a product that has several variations due to color and parts. One may use part "A", another part "B". Creating the assembly instances is a no brainer. The problem is creating a "single" drawing for all variations. The boss does not want to maintain multiple drawings. Is it possible to create a BOM table and maintain the automation you get with repeat regions? The attachedBOM is our first attempt, but the table is manually filled out. Items like10A,10B,10C are the parts that differ from one assembly to another, corresponding balloons appear on the drawing. I know some of you do this everyday, if yourwilling to share your wisdom, it will greatly be appreciated.


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Yes, you can achieve what you want using a simple repeat region.

When you create the table add multiple quantity columns for the number of product familys(instances) you need.
The first time thru each quanity column will show the quantity for the generic assembly.
Here's the trick - use the following to swap out the generic in each column for a assembly instance
Table > Repeat Region > Column Model/Rep > Open the instance you want to drive the qty column with
repeat for each quanity column.

Here's the kicker
You can't show balloons for the instances only the generic assembly.
The work around is to have a seperate BOM table for each instance and sync the index to the Generics BOM index
You can use these table to show the balloons for the instance views and then put the BOM tables on a layer to
hide them on the other sheets so you only have one bom table showing.

I have an enhacement request in to fix this

PTC Please fix this.......................................................:-)

Everyone Please file an enchancement request to fix this. It would save alot of companies alot of time and money
and make it much easier to see what attributes are common and not with in product lines.
I have ask for this since family tables for assemblies were interduced.

Don A