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Changes to FEM Mesh Export in Wildfire


Changes to FEM Mesh Export in Wildfire


I am migrating a toolkit application from Pro/2001 to Pro/Wildfire and
appear to have run into an undocumented change. I call ProFemmmeshExport()
in order to generate a finite element mesh and write it to disk for further
processing. The application requires use of shell elements and prompts the
user to select either the Midsurface or Boundary option (midsurface puts
shells on a surface compressed between two opposed surfaces, and boundary
places shells on the outside of each part surface).

The test case I use can be manually meshed in either mode when using
Pro/Mechanica. When I try to use the programmatic method only the boundary
option works successfully. If I use the midsurface option, the Toolkit
mesh export function returns PRO_TK_GENERAL error along with a message
"Shell Pairs have not been defined on any portion of the model". The
documentation of this function is not very detailed and the error gives no
indication which mesh settings are conflicting. I know the shell pairs are
there, since I compressed and meshed the model manually prior to testing my

The environment I observe this behavior on is:
MS Win2000 SP4
MS Visual Studio SP6
Pro/E Wildfire Datecode 2003250
Pro/M Wildfire Datecode 2003190

This program was previously distributed on 2000i2 and 2001. I recompiled
and retested the 2001 version successfully. I get the same behavior if I
use parts or assemblies.

Any ideas?