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External Inheritance Failed Regeneration


External Inheritance Failed Regeneration

I'm trying to inherit geometry from another model and I'm getting an error

I'm doing FEA for another engineer. I know he's going to be making changes
to the model, but I also need to de-feature the model. What I am trying to
do is create a new part then inherit his model into my part (Insert, Shared
Data, Inheritance From Other Model). Then I can suppress selected features
from "his" model as part of the inheritance. I can also add features to
"my" model related to the FEA task without modifying "his" model. The idea
is that my FEA-related tasks aren't included in his "production" model, but
when he updates the "production" model, I can seamlessly incorporate the
changes without having to re-do my defeaturing, etc.

I've done this once before on a different, but similarly constructed model,
and it worked, but it's failing this time around -- "FEATURE #8 (EXTERNAL
INHERITANCE) failed regeneration."

"His" model consists of a casting part, which was merged into a machining
part via an assembly. The first time I tried to inherit the geometry of the
machining part into "my" part, the messages showed "WARNING: External ref.
for feature/component not found, using old placement." I opened the
assembly that was used for the merge then regenerated the machining part.
When I tried to inherit "his" machining part into "my" part, the inheritance
failed again. Feat Info on the failed feature doesn't offer any clues.

Like I said earlier, I have used this method once before on a similarly
built model and it worked. Any thoughts?


WF2 M050
XP Pro SP2

Andrew C. Kelly, P.E.
Senior Engineer
Lear Romec
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