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FLEXLM - fixed license issues ...still


Re: FLEXLM - fixed license issues ...still

I get the same response, but not the admin command prompt.

If I do something that requires admin privilages, it warns me and asks me if I want to proceed.

I know there is a special admin command prompt I can get too.

Re: FLEXLM - fixed license issues ...still

Ok, then I guess you have already resolved your issue to the point where you could be happy with it. I mean as long as you don't have reboot your machine then it's all fine.

Guess I better won't recommend you to turn of UAC, and dig into it further on your own.

You might just need an OS script for a non-admin user, and that's it.

Well, easier said than done.

Re: FLEXLM - fixed license issues ...still

Problem: - FlexLM Server "Hangs" on wake from sleep:

For a laptop which serves the license, after sleeping the server doesn't work.:


Best solution is to create a batch file that you can run.  For me on Windows 10, I created a batch file:

"Restartcreoserver.bat"  (Simply a text file ending in "bat", what ever name you want just with ".bat" on the end)


The contents of the batch file is shown below between the bars:


net stop lmadmin_ptc
net start lmadmin_ptc


To fix your "down server" right click on the batch file and "run as administrator".

For debugging purposes, If you add a 3d line with the text "pause" it will allow you to read the messages when running the batch file, and require your to "press any  key" to continue.  If you run the batch file without administrator privileges you'll see permission messages.



If you want this to be automatically fixed, then you'll need a bit more technical knowledge.

(1) Run task scheduler and create a task to perform when the computer sleeps

(2) "New task"  - select a wake from sleep trigger as follows:

2a- Under the general Tab.

   -Choose some name "restart_creo_server"

   - be sure to check "run with highest privileges"  

2b Under Trigger tab: 

     -)     Log     : System <---select

     -)    Source: Power-troubleshooter <----

     -)    Event ID: 1 <-------

     -)   Configure for "Delayed Task" of 30 seconds (to allow your computer to wake...may need 1 minute delay if your computer is slow waking. 

2c Under Actions Tab

     Create a new action, and pick the batch file you made above "Restartcreoserver.bat"



That should be it.... 

I attached a "bat" file but this system would only allow .log rename accordingly..