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FW: Preselection highlight ON/OFF mapkey


FW: Preselection highlight ON/OFF mapkey

-----Original Message-----
From: Vaughn McDaniel
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 9:11 AM
To: Pro-User (E-mail)
Subject: RE: [model] Preselection highlight ON/OFF mapkey

Wildfire 2.0 M010
It works in Wildfire 2.0 (the recorded mapkey)

Did you know that if you hold down the left mouse button you can point and
preselection will not occur.
Or if you enter view mode (Ctrl+Shift+Middle Mouse Button) the effect is the

I had a similar problem create mapkeys to create holes.
The programming in Wildfire was done to include the 'page' for items. That
means the identifier of an object includes which window it was recorded in.
So you may see something like PrehButton`0.0, where the .0 would be the
page/window. Meaning if you make the mapkey in this fist window that is open
the mapkey will not run in the second window. This has been fixed for my
cases in Wildfire 2.0.
To get my mapkeys to work I included the operations for about 10 windows.
The lines of code in the mapkey repeated from .0 to .9. That actually

Thus ends today's lesson.

Vaughn McDaniel III
Mechanical Engineer
JR Automation
13365 Tyler
Holland, MI 49424
Ph 616.820.3330
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Joseph Brouch wrote

Wildfire 2003490
Has anyone creatd a mapkey to toggle Preselection Higlighting off/on?
The last step in : EDIT > SELECT > PREFERENCES is to check/un-check the
box, so I assumed it would work as a toggle, but it doesn't. (By
comparison, a mapkey to change Datum Display thru Enviroment works as an
off/on toggle). Can someone shed some light on the logic?
Thanks in advance,