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I like being inquisitive!!!


I like being inquisitive!!!

So since these boards are so quite these days, I wanted to start stirring up
some conversation.

As a lot of you may know me, I am quite the inquisitive fellow when it comes
to Pro/E and Pro/NC.

However, I rarely see the exchange of information and wanted to see if we
could generate some things to talk about.

One area I am really interested in is the practices of users.

I'm in the process of setting up our company in the Pro/NC arena and have
found there to be quite a few tools here and wanted to see if anyone really
uses them. Along with that what are the benefits or the set backs in doing

First issue I have discovered..........

I am specifically concentrating on the milling department for the time
being. I want to set it up as an incubator program and define the
implementation. Currently we are just running 3-axis mills from (6) Maazaks
(Mazatrol M Plus), (1) Kitamura (Fanuc 15-M) and one Makino V55
(Professional 3). For the most part the post that we use currently works for
all the mills that we have in-house. I disagree with this a bit. I have run
several programs that will run fine on the Maazak but error out on both the
Makino and the Kitamura. I think the post processor has to be more defined,
specifically, to that machine.

We are taking order on a new Willemin-Macodel 408B with a bar-fed system and
a Fanuc 16i controller. This is really the system that I am looking to rock
Pro/E on. We spent the time and money to have a post processor generated for
this machine.

Issue #2: How much is too much?

I have seen several techniques for people who use Pro/NC. I'd like to see
what the concensus is around these parts. Shop A only uses Pro/NC to set up
the tool paths, not giving way to the usage of workpieces etc. Shop B
utilizes a few more items, Vericut and workpieces, only using them as a
visual aid. Shop C has the table modeled, all the fixtures and solid tools
and holders and utilizing optimization tools for their process.

I ask you this, which way works best?

Issue #3: XML vs. Pro/Process for Manufacturing

This is an issue I threw out here a few weeks ago. Needless to say, I got no
responses at all. That was a bit frustrating. Working within the medical
industry, you are asked to provide large amounts of data, including making
sure you have everything documented for QS/ISO standards. Are you utilizing
this functionality with Pro/E as well?

As I'm sure most of you can tell, I'm new to this arena, but want to go into
it a bit more knowlegable instead of sitting there with my wheels spinning.

I'll post a summary if I get any feedback.

Kind regards,

Aaron C. Spicer