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Import to I-Link


Import to I-Link

Ok, I was working along just fine in Pro/E when suddenly the system would no
longer save my work. I am told that once the .proi gets too big it is
corruprted and you are hosed. So I exported the files that I was working
on to the C drive and deleted all my workspaces. Now I am trying to get the
Pro/E files that I exported back into I-Link. When I try to do
Object-Import it just gives me the generic message "An error occurred".

Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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After you deleted your workspaces did you go into your ".proi" directory
and delete your "local.ddb" file? This is the file that corrupts your
workspaces if it gets too large. Even when you delete your workspaces,
this file does not decrease in size. After you delete this file, Pro-E
will create a new one when you create your first workspace.

You do not need to import them back in - while in pro-e (linked to your
workspace) open the largest assemblies in your C-drive, and "save". This
will save your work back into the new workspace. Compare the files and
repeat until all files are in the workspace. This approach has less

Good luck.


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