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Local DDB corrupted


Local DDB corrupted

Hi everybody,
I have developed a software based on a trigger on PIV creation event (that
is after a check-in) and a post trigger on Finish Release Management event
(that is after a approval of an RTP).
The triggers collect the PIVs created or promoted/demoted, their drawings
and recursively the assembly where they are used and writes the list to a
text file; than they call an external program read this file and does its
own stuff. Note that
1. The trigger works only on Common Space. They does not make any query on
workspace objects
2. The external program is not a Pro/INTRALINK toolkit application and it
is called via system() function.

All seems to work properly, but sometimes Intralink warns that the
Local.ddb is corrupted. This message doesn't appear while triggers are
running but randomly: after a check-out, check-in, login...

I thought it should be caused by some "bad" pointer within my triggers and
I checked them all several times and rewrote some pieces of code, but the
problem is still there, and I have no more pointer to check. 🙂

Have you got something to suggest me about triggers or Local.ddb
corruption? Beside "bad" pointers, what else could cause a Local.ddb

Thank you very much

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