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Multiple Flexlm license servers - slow startup


Multiple Flexlm license servers - slow startup

Here's a question that I've already asked PTC Tech Support, who can't find a solution...

During Intralink login we've noticed stalling while looking for a floating license (if multiple servers are specified in PTC_D_LICENSE_FILE). I assume the same will be true for Pro/E licenses.

I timed a few different startups, with combinations of these:
A = UK server (local)
B = American server
C = Chinese server

Each time Server A had plenty spare licenses, and I closed and restarted Intralink:
A = 4 seconds
A + B = 7 sec
A + C = 8 sec
A + B + C = 12 sec

Has anyone found a solution to this? - eg: can you force Flexlm to stop looking as soon as it finds a license? I thought that the times would all be equal, since there's always a license on the UK server during the test.

The result may be "just live with the extra few seconds login", but surely it's meant to work? Especially since we want to make full use of available licenses across time-zones.

Thanks in advance
Edwin Muirhead
CAD Manager, Weatherford

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